Interactive Publishing GmbH
Schsnbühlstrasse 10
8032 Zürich
Tel: +41 1 256 70 88
Fax: +41 1 256 70 80

Interactive Publishing GmbH is in the business of providing the best
Decision-making and networking instruments for executives from the
interactive content industry.

The main product is the Interactive Publishing conference that was been started in 1994, as a project of Catchup! Communications AG, an interactive consulting company in Zurich/Switzerland and Victoria, BC, Canada.

In 1998, the project was spun-off and became Interactive Publishing GmbH.
Since its early start in 1994, it has focused on leading- edge topics and speakers and has become, in consequence, the leading European conference for New Media publishers. Or, in Steve Outing’s words,: "Interactive Publishing is the leading industry conference in Europe.". Great care in execution and continuous networking have brought it unrivalled prestige among new media executives and publishers throughout the world.
Interactive Publishing stands for quality, reliability, trust, independence, and the highest networking opportunity for the business sector of online publishers. Building that brand has been the main focus of the cConference organizers in the past few years.

Interactive Publishing GmbH is incorporated as a Swiss company. No investment restrictions regarding non-Swiss ownership apply.

Norbert Specker, President & Creative Director
Bettina Tamò, Managing Director
Ursula Spleiss, Administrative Director
Roland Scheiber, Kern Treuhand, AG, Finances

Privately held by Norbert Specker.

If you are interested in investigating the investment opportunities for Interactive Publishing and want to explore the growth possibilities, please contact Norbert Specker at nspecker@interactivepublishing.net.