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New rules and how to break them

  Dr. Peter Kruse, CEO, Neuhimmel Unternehmensberatung (GER)

The digital revolution is not that revolutionary anymore. It is not the computers, it is the communication between them that so profoundly changes the rules and us alongside. The emerging Network Economy thrives on change and reverses long-lived truths. Dr Peter Kruse described the ways how organization can cultivate the unknown and put it to the company's benefit.

The complexity of life is growing, through speed of change and growth of connectivity. Confronted with these circumstances, initially people will just try to keep up, but soon it is clear that optimization is not sufficient, and it is felt changes are to be made.This need for answers and ideas results in vogue words and management trends, that only add complexity. Referring to the chaos theory and self organization, Kruse described basic principles for any process of reorganization. His main tenet is that unstability is at the heart of complex system behaviour. The main target is no longer optimization but adaptation and pattern change.

An emotionally involving vision is of the essence - and Internet enterpreneurs do not lack there. In the work that follows, causal chains and feedback loops are more important than steering and regulation. Do we know what the target value of the future is? No, and people have a natural desire to hang on to old values. A well known misery after all is better than an unknown joy. Every change process will have its own costs, and during the change process you will not feel good, and productivity will drop.

By lack of a clear target value, it is most important within a company that it is clear what is going on. Look for alternative models, allow networks of experts, and let the main goal be innovation and adaptation. In the end of course, you need both the visionaries, the strategic builders, as well as operational builders and infrastructure builders. But at this point, where change is all around us, it is the introduction of unstability that can foster creativity. Let the systems run on its own under clear border restrictions. A dangerous thing to do...but the only

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