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  The Programme in Detail
Tuesday, November 11, 97        
registration 12.00-20.00   14.00-17.30   The Basics
Join The Experts
The Pre-Conference hands-on workshop provides you with a clearcut entrance into interactive publishing: Tools || Organisation || Marketing || You will profit from experienced practitioners of successful websites.

Rakesh Agrawal, Web Technology Manager, (USA)
  17.30-19.00   Welcome Cocktail (Sponsored by City & Canton of Zurich)
Wednesday, November 12, 97        
    08.00-09.00   Registration and Welcome Coffee
    09.00-09.15   Welcome to Zurich
Inge Van Gaal, Representative ENPA, INMA Europe
    09.15-10.15   Marking the Field
New Rules: Re-thinking Business
The digital revolution is not that revolutionary anymore. It is not the computers, it is the communication between them that so profoundly changes the rules and us alongside. The emerging Network Economy thrives on change and reverses long-lived truths. Get practical advice on how to cultivate the unknown and put it to your company's benefit.

Dr. Peter Kruse, CEO, Neuhimmel Unternehmensberatung (GER)
    10.15-10.45   Networking Break
    10.45-11.30   A New Publisher?
3 C's of successful webpublishing

David Talbot, CEO, (USA)
    11.30-12.15   Now & Everything!
A Kick-Off Case Study
The Arizona Daily Star and its New Technology Director are out to take it all: addess, pager, game developing, advertising and content business. A cowboy approach to turning dominance in the local maket place into imminent and future business

Robert Cauthorn, Director New Technology, The Arizona Daily Star (USA)
    12.15-13.45   Luncheon
    14.15-14.40   Auditing
The Currencies of the Trade
«Hits» have ceased to make any impression. Impressions on the other hand might be a walid currency. Currencies are necessary in any trade. And trading with advertisers will profit from auditing. Hear the latest.

Richard Foan, Head of New Media, ABC // electronic (UK)
    14.40-15.15   Customization
Forget the Masses - Look at me!
With every click they make, readers manifest their individuality. No identical click routes - no identical people. Does the average publishing website reflect this? And should it? 1:1 marketing has been the talk of marketers for years. With ist inherent feedback circle the online medium is the perfect environnement for this approach. 1:1 publishing and customer-centered applications: what is in it for you?

Jeremy Swinfen Green, European Director New Media & Two Way Communications, Carat/Aegis plc (UK)
    15.15-15.45   Networking Break
    15.45-16.30   Media Integration
The Rubic Cube Of Integration
There are many different ways to enhance your relationship with your reader: the print product, letters, audiotex, call-centers, fax-on-demand and - of course - onlne. All the elements seem to be there. The main difficulty is finding an integrated solution that adds mutual value - to your brand and your customer.

Jesper Kärrbrink, CEO, Bonnier Interaktiv (SWE)
    16.30-17.15   Bright Ideas
20 Online Relationship Database Building Features
A firework of bright applications that leaves readers with a good feeling - and you with their email-adresses and more.

Nancy Malitz, General Director Internet Project, The Detroit News (USA)
    17.15-18.45   Visit of local interactive TV trial (Free/please book in advance)
    17.15-18.30   Apple Developers Workshop (Free/please book in advance)
    19.00-22.30   Swiss Yodel Dinner
Ever head an Alphorn? Get the native touch! We invite attendees to dinner, music and dance. (Sponsored by Blue Window)
Thursday, November 13, 97        
    08.00-09.00   Welcome Coffee (Sponsored by Silicon Graphics)
    09.00-09.45   Media Convergence
Representation of Information

Richard Gaunt, Technical Director & Co-Founder, Autonomy (UK)
    09.45-10.30   City Guides
Local is King!
Or is it not? Governed by local particularities the «City Guides» offer a range of models for alliances, applications and competition. «City Guides» represent all that the online world might hold for you. Position your efforts. Find new angles to your strategy.

Peter Maronier, Managing Director, City OnLine v.o.f. (NL)
    10.30-11.00   Networking Break (Sponsored by Apple)
    11.00-11.45   Content Organising
Content is King!
You have heard that one before. With the advent of multimedia search engines and «Channels», organisation of content moved into the spotlight. The fastest way to aggregate eye-balls is the aggregation of content. Even if it is not your own. Are these models that publishers should also employ?

Michael Scharfenberger, VP & Managing Director Europe, Ziff-Davis International Media Group (GER/USA)
    11.45-12.30   The Hard-Core Approach
Selling on the Net
Herschell Gordon Lewis is a renowned master on the art of writing copy that sells. He will use his no-nonsense approach to selling on the Web and look at online publishiers' sebsites. Expect no mercy.

Herschell Gordon Lewis , Copywriter & Author of «Selling on the Net» (USA)
    12.30-14.00   Luncheon
    14.00-14.30   Legal Hooks
Update from the Legal Frontier
Linking to other sites, copyrght, infringement thereof and domain name quarrels. The legal book for the interactive market place is far from being written. Find out which legal cases influence your business. Today and in the near future.

Nick Lockett, Barrister Field · Fisher · Waterhouse (UK)
    14.30-15.30   Community Building
A Broader Picture
The ubiquity of instant information also has ist snag. It can clutter the mind - leave no room to think clearly. Great analysists like Esther Dyson help to put things into perspective. On community building, the power of metaphors, trust and the importance of watchfulness with regulation issues.

Esther Dyson, President, Edventure Holding & Author of «Release 2.0» (USA)
    15.30-16.00   Networking Break (Sponsored by SwissClick)
    16.00-17.00   Appearance on the Net
There is no Excuse for Bad Design
A print publication on the net will not look the same as on paper. Yet often the transition is carried out rather by chance than by will. Find out how to build sites that work employing a new approach on information design.

Mario Garcia, President, Mario Garcia New Media Design International & Author of «Re-designing Print for the Web» (USA)
    17.15-18.00   Classifed Workshop (by Electric Classifieds Inc.)
    19.00-22.30   Bake 'n Brew (Sponsored by Com.factory AG)
Beer and Food. A formidable combination. An exiting evening at the micro-brewery.
Friday, November 14, 97        
    08.00-09.00   Welcome Coffee (Sponsored by Silicon Graphics)
    09.00-10.30   Best Practice
Business Models that Work - Part I
Facts and figures. You will hear interactive publishers who successfully identified a profitable target group, who cared an appropriate product and managed to develop their relationship with the customer using the many tools this interactive environement has to offer.

Neil Budde, Editor, Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition (USA)
Micke Jaresand, Editor-in-Chief, Marieberg Interactive (SWE)

    10.30-11.00   Networking Break (Sponsored by Apple)
Business Models that Work - Part II

Andreas Herren, Head of Department Information Technologies, FIFA (CH)
Stan Sugerman, Director Business Development, Gruner+Jahr Electronic Media Services (GER)
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