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Common press release Content Summit 2000: Zurich, 5 September 2000

Content: Profits from Pictures and Prose

The on-going production, packaging, transmission and use of texts, images and editorials in digital form are the building blocks of a new information-based economy. To establish a Pan-European dialogue between the originators, syndicators and distributors of digital content, Messe Basel /Content Show.00, Interactive Publishing, TV meets the Web and IP Top Awards and First Tuesday have joined forces from the 15th to 17th of November 2000, under the banner of the Content Summit 2000.

The Content Summit aims to bring together important Pan- European participants to focus on the issues surrounding the production and marketing of " digital content" and to lead the hot debate on the future of the content industry. The setting for this year's "content hub" is the Swissôtel, in Zurich.

Buzzwords with "e" prefixes from e-commerce to e-conomy have been making the headlines for the past few years. While real businesses have trouble keeping up with technological development, there seems to be a general consensus that sometime, in the not so distant future, all will have to find their place in the online world. While branding in the offline world is both a ruthless and costly exercise, establishing a market presence in the online world requires a daily feed of elements that differentiate your message, from that of your competition. This kind of customized marketing needs to be continually fed with fresh and pertinent content. In fact, the success of an online project can often be measured by the worth of its quality content and the timeliness of its delivery.

Of course, in one-way or another, everyone can produce some kind of content. From a corporate message to company profile to family photos, all can qualify as content. So why look elsewhere? The online market demand for fresh minute-by-minute text based or streaming information is growing at the speed of the Internet itself. Analysts estimate that the sales and licensing of content will generate 32 billion Swiss Francs in 2000 and will grow by over 50% in the next year. According to estimates this figure should grow to 140 billions Swiss Francs by 2003.

As the medium will always convey the message the voice of the Internet is digital content. Being the primary one-to-one medium, consumers going online demand that the products and information they will find there caters to their personal needs and evolves under their direction. This makes the market for content endless in its potential. Every online enterprise needs it from SMEs, portals, trade sites, niche sites, content management system providers, syndicators and content brokers to name a few. In Switzerland, traditional media are taking a strategic turn in their business models and embracing their role as content providers. One recent example is tamedia, who repositioned their brand and company policy along these lines.

Norbert Specker, founder of the Interactive Publishing Conference and driving force behind the Content Summit said "The online public's information needs must be served in a non-conventional way through multiple channels, fitting of the medium. These needs will force a radical repositioning of both the production and marketing of traditional and digital content."

Meet the Partners
The 7th Interactive Publishing Conference focus this year on the future strategic development of media companies and content producers. This pioneer event will again be the forum of an international meeting-of-minds looking ahead to the ideas that will shape the future online. Strategists from Bertelsmann, the Financial Times, Industry Standard and Scandinavia Online and many other will lead the debate at the Interactive Publishing Conference 2000.

Content Summit offers a unique opportunity for all the players of the content industry, whether they be originators, syndicators, distributors or technology partners, to be part of a living resource centre called the Content Show.00. Messe Basel, a leading Swiss-based trade-show company who are behind one of Europe's leading IT shows, Orbit/Comdex Europe, has developed the Content Show.00. Its participation in Content Summit guarantees the professional conception and handling of the exhibition area. The Show will unite the most important exhibitors from the American and European scene in a premiere for this industry in Europe. Kurt Frischknecht, member of the executive board of Messe Basel described why the company joined this dynamic initiative. " Being the first exhibition company in Europe to deal so specifically with this central issue in the information economy, we are convinced that we can be instrumental in developing a wide competency network in the area of content on a Pan-European level."

From Amsterdam comes the most important European meeting on "television broadband" " TV meets the Web ". Multimedia case studies will be in the spotlight from the BBC to CNN and professional observers from this industry will offer the frameworks for a broader understanding of European broadband development. " We see today an enormous interest of network operators for interactive and multimedia content " said the founder of TV meets the Web, Monique van Dusseldorp, " the positions of all these players are being re-evaluated and re-designed everyday ".

For the " Masters Series ", a set of intensive Workshops, on-line Publishing Gurus Steve Outing, Steve Yelvington and Vin Crosbie from the USA offer a practical guide for success in the content industry. In this years Master Series workshops, topics like " evaluation of content management systems", " price structuring and costs of digital contents ", " successful publishing of new type characters " and " how can I increase the value of available contents " will be worked on in small groups, encouraging discussion and debate based on live information transfer.

The IP Top Awards 2000 opens another European bracket. Here in the categories of "Mobile and "Internet" an international jury evaluates candidate sites from over 30 countries in the content areas of "Financial", "Sport", "News" and "Corporate Communication". Dr. Beat Lauber, company line member of Ringier said, " An industry is always driven forward by healthy competition. For us - and for all the Swiss media industry - it is therefore very important to regularly be confronted with international developments and ideas. Through these encounters we can also become a part of the change."

Naturally, in the periphery new business ideas are constantly being developed and transferred. During the Content Summit, these ideas will become concrete start-up potential with a full content matchmaking event organized in cooperation with First Tuesday. First Tuesday is the global meeting place and market place for start-ups. At First Tuesday events and on its web site, entrepreneurs can connect with everything they need to fuel growth: capital, talent, technology, knowledge and services. For this event, First Tuesday will bring together a carefully selected group of start-up or rollout enterprises with investors, who want to invest in this promising and growing field.

The Zurich Network, who is engaged in the promotion of the economic development of Greater Zurich Area was an early adopter to the opportunities of the online world. It was natural that it wanted Zurich to be one of the first places in Europe to launch the debate on the future of the content industry, and therefore, became one of the first supporting partners of the Content Summit. Professor Dr. Hans Peter Wehrli, Professor of Marketing at the University Zurich and president of The Zurich Network/Greater Zurich Area AG said: " As a City that thrives on the developments of the new economy, we must strengthen our ties to the international networks of strategists and contributors in the area of content. Our ongoing relationships with our contacts in this field will have a long-term affect on the growth of new industries in the Greater Zurich Area."

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