6th Interactive Publishing Europe Conference
November 17-19, 1999

Content Mind&Market Space: Dimensions - Opportunities - Models
The strategic summit for interactive publishers by interactive publishers

"Head to Zurich for a complete picture of what it takes to succeed online" (WIRED)

Content is Growing Up

What relevant content is and how it is marketed are the two key questions for every content provider in a networked world. The 6th Interactive Publishing Europe Conference, November 17-19, 1999 in Zurich/Switzerland, will address the most pressing issues in content strategies, people's markets, content-user interface, content creation and distribution, syndication and will take a close look at the particular strengths and weaknesses of the European content industry.

Since its inception 1994 the Interactive Publishing Network has provided a platform for an industry that felt first threatened by the internet and then slowly embraced the opportunities that a distributed media offers to producers of valuable content. 1999 defines a new aera for the European market place. New venture funds are generated weekly, massive collaboration is producing pan-european networks among newspapers, tv stations, portals and advertising agencies all dedicated to bring the many different cultural aspects alive. On the internet but increasingly also in a range of other communication networks.

So Zurich in November will see again a gathering of 300-400 new media directors, venture capitalists, analysts and strategists from more than 30 countries that will draw on the Interactive Publishing Network's resources of shakers and makers spread from Stavanger to Napoli and from Lisbon to Budapest.

The new executive board of advisers is dedicated to ensure that the relevant topics are covered and the best speakers are assembled. "When you have people like Esther Dyson, Satama's Kim Weckstroem, Jahr Group's Ulrich Hegge or CNN's Scott Woelffel on the board, the creative act of programming just has additional check points in corporate reality" says director Norbert Specker "plus I use the trick I have been preaching to our attendees: extend your thinking by extending your network"

Please also make note of the 2nd IP TOP Award, dedicated to "Europe's finest in interactive publishing" with a new catogory added looking at "Corporate Communication Online". A separate press release will cover the award. Award ceremonies will take place during the 6th Interactive Publishing Conference, on the evening of the 18th of November.

6th Interactive Publishing Europe Conference
November 17-19, 1999