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The age of lone fighters is over, we are living in a team world these days. So here is my team that helps to bring to you both a hopefully controversial and invigorating conference:

We are very happy to welcome Bettina Tamò to our Team. She has been running the biggest Swiss Consumermagazine "Beobachter". Bettina will help us make sure you will be involved in the best Interactive Publishing event yet. Bettina can be reached under

The conference secretariat is run by Ursula Spleiss and her team. Besides thoroughly checking registrations and organisational details, she has to ensure that if my ideas do not work to well, reality has a chance to catch up. Ursula can be reached at

Since the first step into the conference adventure, Pierre Zellweger and his company videodisplays have been responsible for running the many high-tech parts that typically can go amiss when performed in front of an audience. He has the calmness and the excellent staff that make it a real pleasure to work with him. So check him out at

The printed art-work has been in the hands of Marcel Bischof of Bischof & Partner and his graphic team. This years graphic designer has been Andrea. Confronted with last-minut changes, she never blinked an eye and the result is that this compagny has evolved the look and feel of Interactive Publishing as is necessary in this world of information overflow: stable and yet always new.

Urs van Binsbergen and Dominic Meyer (¬bureau taktik) are responsible for the smooth running of the site. So, if you have some constructive ideas on how to improve this site, pleas let them know. Comments about the web site are very welcome