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The world is made up of Internet Conferences- or so it seems. Almost every other day impressive flyers land on your desk. So why should you choose this particular event over all the others offered?

We have helped more than 600 companies in the online publishing field formulating and executing their strategies over the last seven years. Any online publishing development of far-reaching consequences has been covered by Interactive Publishing BEFORE it displayed its full magic. Dozens of cross-border alliances have been seeded in Zurich.

The attendees at Interactive Publishing have executive ranks. This means that almost anybody you meet can make descisions right then and there. Launching alliances and co-operations, incorporating brilliant ideas and people, licensing excellent content and crossing borders on all accounts. This is why people come to Zurich. This is what will make your stay so valuable. That is why we want you there.

It is where the European Online Publishing industry meets. The leading online content companies from 25 countries get together. This is a unique chance to get a feel and an understanding for the challenging European market-place. A market-place that has been built to be a substantial part of the European Interactive Publishing network.
We are looking forward to having you in Zurich! Register here