Interactive Publishing Europe 1994


In order of appearance

Norbert Specker, Managing Director, Catchup! Communications AG
Sergio Puoti, General Manager, ines media concepts gmbh
Frans de Bruine, Director, European Commission DG XIIIE
Hubert Burda, Geschäftführender Gesellschafter, Burda GmbH
Robin Hunt, Media Journalist, The Times/The Guardian
Laurent Munnich, Directeur Général Adjoint, World Media
Gerhard Semar, Director of New Media, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Christine Rennhard, Marketing Director, Der Schweizerische Beobachter
Urs Gossweiler, Publisher, Mountain Multi Media AG
Todd Chronis, Publisher, WalkSoft Corp.
Susan Rice, Managing Partner, FACES
Shaun O'L. Higgins, President & COO, The Spokesman Review
Frank Dorf, Electronic Media Manager, The Sacramento Bee
David M. Dinnage, Vice President, Tele-Publishing Inc.
Maury S. Kauffman, Managing Partner, The Kauffman Group
Jürg Dangel, Vice Chairman of the Board, Teledata AG
David Scott, Publisher, Electronic Media Services, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution
Lawrence M. Druth, Manager Online Services, Chicago Online
Roger Lagadec, Director Electronic Media, Ringier AG
Mark Hicklin, General Manager New Media Division, Midland Independent Newspapers plc
Martin Radelfinger, Manager Information Systems Development, Editor & Publisher
Thomas Laukamm, Managing Partner, Consulting Trust GmbH
Martin Weiss, Managing Director, Vistasonor AG
Elizabeth A. Forsyth, Group Legal Director, Macmillan Publishers Ltd
Nicholas Higham, Solicitor, Denton Hall
Michel vander Straeten, Director, ENPA
Jan Lamers, Managing Director, Uitgeversbedrjif Tijd NV
Peter Krieg, Film Director, Futurum X


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