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9. Jul 2002
New Resources

Find out which sites Google has newly indexed regarding "September 11" today | yesterday | last 7 days | last 30 days.
Our first use for the instrument: The September Blog. The log provides a daily link and description to sites that deal in some way with the topic.
(Smart search courtesy of Tara Calishain, Researchbuzz)

4. May 2002
Links to 'September 11'

Here are the referrers to this site taken from our logs. Eventually we aim to have all referring sites up here.

La Repubblica
Google News
USA Today (Hot Sites)
Sueddeutsche Zeitung
Der Spiegel
Die Welt
Politik Digital
El Mundo
La Vanguardia
La Razon
Tijd (Belgium)
Sillicon Valley
Now Nana (Israel) (Arizona)
Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh
Le Matin
Helsingsborg Dagblad
Lycos News
Radio Eins
ABC7 (Site of the Day)
Hotwired Japan
El Nuevo Dia :Vida Digital (Puerto Rico)
Woman's Monthly

Academic Info: Communication Studies Digital Library
University of Iowa
University of Arizona
CyberMediaCulture/University of Bergen
Tisch School of the Arts/NY
Berkeley University
Photo Assignment Editor
Online Journalism Revue
American Press Institute
Murray State University
Emory University, Atlanta
George Mason University, Virginia, Center for History and New Media
Poynter Institute

Education World
Library Planet
France 5 (Education)

911 Digital Archive
Internet Remembrance Campaign
Attack on USA
Wall of prayers
Brainstorms and raves

Dino Online
Kunst-Stücke, ORF
Espace Mittelland (Switzerland)
Startkabel (The Netherlands)
Content Summit
KV On-Line (Belarus)
Armenia Diaspora
Salted Wound
Roma Civica (Italy)
My Jungle
Interactive Publishing (.net)
Avalanche Journal
Punto Informatico
Curious Lee
Gerhard Fuchs/Skizzen
Nigiwai (Japan)
GBG (Bulgaria)
Stones Cry Out

3. Jul 2002
1200 visitors/day

The history part of Interactive Publishing is finding a growing audience. The September 11 Screenshots of 230 online news sites from around the world are visited by an average of 1200 people each day (June 2002) and they look at 10 pages each. On March 11 traffic surged to 4000 people and 40'000 page views. The site served more than 300'000 people as of July 1st 2002. The number of sites linking to "September" has been growing constantly and is in the hundreds. Find a list of many of those sites on this page (libraries, universities, weblogs, media sites, reference).
Also note that we have added a collection on online media coverage during the biggest sports event in web history, the World Cup

24. Nov 2001
Report from high class roundtable: The media issues of 9/11

Content Summit prepared various sessions that dealt with the media coverage on 9/11. The highlight was the round table with: Rich Jaroslovsky, Senior Editor, The Wall Street Journal and until September Managing Editor of the Journal Online (USA), Mathias Müller von Blumencron, Editor-in-Chief, Spiegel Online (Germany), Scott Mayer, General Manager, (USA) and Kalle Jungkvist, Editor-in-Chief, Aftonbladet (Sweden). An extensive session report can be found here

"Trust, credibility and all those things: the key ingredients of successful content strategies" were the topic for Rich Jaroslovsky of the Wall Street Journal who looked at a brand new credibility study for online journalists.

15. Mar 2002
Comments from publications/weblogs


A fascinating collection of screen captures from online news sources on 11 September. The urgency and directness of’s front page on that day is still striking: there’s such pure logic in the stripped design. If you can keep your head while others, etc..

The Guardian

How did online news fare on September 11? Some say it was new media's finest hour, others say it would have been if the sites had stayed up (so well done and What is not in doubt is that news websites produced some of their most memorable front pages, but you can see for yourself. Meanwhile, an online appeal to help refugees fleeing Afghanistan has begun at - this charity website is now taking donations for UNHCR, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Ockenden International and Medair.

Der Spiegel

Das Ziel: Die Zeit zum Stillstand zu bringen. Den 11. September im Internet für alle Zeit zu einem Tag zu machen, den man wieder und wieder bereisen kann.
USA Today

Last year's terrorist attacks were the first events to demonstrate the vast reach of the Web, and a world's ability to react online with a single outraged voice. View the Sept. 11 and Sept. 12 home pages of more than 200 news sites.


The other site is this collection of screen shots from over 200 news sites around the world taken on September 11 and 12. Indexed by country, publication and time, I remember looking at many of these pages. CNN had stripped down their front page to just the barest essentials due to an incredible surge in traffic. MSN, on the other hand, all that day had a story at the top of page about the attacks while keeping all it's stupid side "fluff" content about Britney Spears and Elton John. I wish I'd saved a screenshot of that to submit to the collection.


As Interactive Publishing's Sept. 11 site states in its first sentence, "The web has no memory - unless it is created." So they've decided to do just that. This "memory" project shows you what the major (and not so major) sites around the Web said about the events that happened that fateful day.

La Repubblica

ROMA - Una galleria della memoria, la storia del disastro raccontata dalle prime pagine dei giornali online di tutto il mondo. Questo è "september 11, una larghissima pagina web che espone un'infinita rassegna di testate di quotidiani nel giorno dell'attacco all'America.

Opera del giornalista Norbert Specker, la "serie è iniziata come un mezzo per fare qualcosa quando sembrava non si potesse fare niente". Immediatamente dopo la notizia dell'attacco Specker ha cercato in rete tutte le cronache dell'evento, ogni brandello di spiegazione, cominciando a "cliccare senza sosta attraverso l'incomprensibile e iniziando a scattare istantanee dei principali siti di informazione. Per non smettere di cercare di vedere e di afferrare quello che non poteva essere né visto né afferrato".

Il risultato è un'importante testimonianza che fotografa la reazione dei giornali online il giorno stesso e, in qualche caso, il giorno dopo. Un sito da bookmarcare, per non dimenticare (r. sta.)

(3 ottobre 2001)


An Screenshots hat niemand gedacht hat einen anderen Ansatzpunkt. Am 11. September schlug auch unfreiwillig die große Stunde der Nachrichtendienste. User in aller Welt forderten ständige Aktualisierungen der Online-Redaktionen. Das Problem: Die Nachrichtenfülle hat die Lebensdauer der Homepages extrem verkürzt. Was gerade brandaktuell war, konnte im nächsten Moment schon wieder vom Bildschirm verschwunden sein. So ersetzten schon am Morgen des 12. September Berichte über die Verantwortlichen des Anschlages und Bilder von den Rettungsarbeiten die Fotos von den Einschlägen in den Towern des World Trade Centers. Unter der immer stärker werdenden Nachfrage brachen Angebote zusammen, entstanden verkürzte Notangebote, Vorschaltseiten und News-Ticker. In den Online-Redaktionen rund um die Welt herrschte Hektik. An Screenshots vom eigenen Angebot hat niemand gedacht. Vieles war unwiderbringlich verloren. So jedenfalls schien es. Doch sammelt Momentaufnahmen von Newsseiten aus aller Welt. Rund 140 Screenshots sind bisher zusammen gekommen, vom der argentinischen "El Dia" bis zur jugoslawischen "Borba": Bilder des Schreckens aus aller Welt. "Das Netz hat kein Gedächtsnis", sagen die Macher auf ihrer Seite. "Es sei denn, man schafft eins".


In an article about various efforts to archive digital content Kendra Mayfield points to 'September 11' as one of the first attempts to record the online reaction to the Sept. 11 attacks.


«The web has no memory - unless it is created». For å bøte på det har denne websiden samlet skjermdump fra mer enn hundre nettaviser spredt over hele verden. Datoen 11. september er neppe tilfeldig.


100 screen shots of news sites the day of the WTC disaster is both interesting historically and for design purposes. It's quite easy to see which ones direct you well to the story immediately.It would be interesting if someone had done the same thing for weblogs.

Crisis by Jeff Jarvis

A collection of home pages of news sites from around the world on September 11, for history.


Many are talking about archiving the events of 9/11. I hope that these screen shots of online news broadcasts are included.


Savoir reconnaître le langage des médias, être capable d'en comparer les formes et de le critiquer est particulièrement important dans des moments comme ceux que nous vivons actuellement où ce sont eux qui forgent littéralement l'opinion publique.

Voilà pourquoi des ressources comme celles-ci sont particulièrement riches de possibilités pédagogiques: une collection de unes de quotidiens au lendemain des attentats de New York et Washington, et l'équivalent pour le Web. Fascinant.


The Web has no memory, unless it is created: Screenshots of Online News Sites, September 11/12, 2001. Aus den USA haben wir eine Ausgabe der New York Times vom 12. September mitgebracht. Alles eine Suche nach Wegen, sich der Katastrophe bewusst zu werden und sie auch in zehn Jahren noch greifbar zu machen.

15. Mar 2002
Contributors: Thank You!

We say a heartfelt "Thank You" to those who have extended the original collection by sending in missing screenshots. We encourage additional submissions.

And the contributors are so far:

Henk de Hooge
Alain Egli
Axel Zimmermann
Colin Johnston
Craig Saila
Eric Mahieu
Jens Paul Rasmussen
Jost Brunner
Heiko Pohlmann
Jan Tielesch
Markus Schmid
Mirko Jakubowsky
Pat Nagel
Maider Perea Foronda
Rachel White
Christof Barth
Haudy Kazemi
Amy Sanders
Daniel Bowen
Geir Larsen
Allan Mack
Robertson Adam
Philip Bump

15. Mar 2002
Media writing about Media

When the Web came of age (how net editors coped) (Media Guardian)

Peter Preston (Media Guardian)

Internet tendrá la crónica más completa de los atentados y la guerra (El Mundo/Spain)

Net: Now Our Most Serious News Medium? (Jon Katz/Slashdot/USA)

On Collections

A very strange time capsule; Josie Appleton in Spiked on the urge to create Sep 11 collections