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    Content business development is our business

Interactive Publishing GmbH, operating from Zurich, Switzerland and Victoria, B. C., Canada, has produced since 1994 the international content strategy conference Interactive Publishing Europe. Media executives from 30+ countries gather yearly for three days in Zurich to discuss the business models, the strategic options in the content field and a variety of cooperations and deals.

Since 2000 the conference has been expanded to Content Summit which combines the conference Interactive Publishing with guest events.

1998 Interactive Publishing initiated the IP TOP Awards with former winners The Guardian, BBC Online, DMonline or ZDF.reporter. This year will mark the 5th consecutive competition.

The Digital Collection features screen captures from news sites around the world. Interactive Publishing offers two online exhibitions at this stage: September (news sites on September 11/12, 2001) and Worldcup (news and sports sites during the 2002 soccer world cup).
"September" served over 300'000 visitors until July 1st, 2002.

Interactive Publishing also acts as a platform for the more than 1000 media executives that have been part of the online media adventure in Europe and leverages the network in various consulting and benchmark study ventures.


Norbert Specker initiated this company and a range of other ventures in the online publishing space. Forever fascinated with the many disguises content cloaks itself in, the variety of business models and delivery channels, he scouts the content world and its key exponents for the most important strategic issues at hand.
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Managing Director

Bettina Tamo is the operational powerhouse of Interactive Publishing. Before joining she has been running the biggest Swiss consumer magazine "Beobachter" after working for many years at the "Handelsblatt". An excellent and relentless organizer with a firm handle on the business aspects she brings a very personal and warm approach to this business which - above all - is a "people business" .

Technical Director

Since the first step into the conference adventure, Pierre Zellweger and his company videodisplays have been responsible for running the many high-tech parts that typically can go amiss when performed in front of an audience. He has the calmness and the excellent staff that make it a real pleasure to work with him.


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