Digital Collections Overview

September 11
This collection of screenshots of online news sites on September 11, 2001 has been visited 1 Million times until July 2003 and been linked to from almost 1000 other sites on the internet.

War in the Gulf

War in the Gulf is a recent addition. Not only the front pages when the war started, but also when the world was waiting for the attack. In addition we collected the logos of the special sections most news sites created for it.

FIFA World Cup 2002

This site offers more than 5000 screenshots covering every game from the 2002 FIFA World Cup in multiple languages and from multiple perspectives.

Front Pages Today (Beta-Version)

A tool to collect the front pages of selected online news sites once a day. This is a beta version and we are happy if you let us know about your ideas to improve the instrument.

All of these collection as well as other password protected collections covering research into publishing elements, advertising options and online sales processes were set up with the Digital Collection Tool.


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