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A core value

At Interactive Publishing we believe that understanding what our visitors and customers want for products, services and information is an important part of building an interesting and useful online environment. However, we also have very strong ideas about online privacy and follow strict privacy procedures.

We've designed our site with this belief in mind, and we've created this privacy statement so that you have easy access to information about our privacy practices.

About our privacy practices
Information you provide us
Cookies;what they are and how we use them
Information we do not collect
How we use email
Links to other sites
About information we share with others
Information we do not share with others
Your mailing preferences
Updates to information practices
Questions or comments? Please contact us

About our privacy practices
Interactive publishing has a strong tradition of providing quality goods and excellent customer service. At our website, our goal is not only to carry on this tradition, but also to provide an experience that is unique to the dynamic capabilities of the World Wide Web.

Part of achieving this goal involves working with information that helps us understand what customers want when they visit our site. We do this in two ways. First, we analyze customer information in aggregate, that is, we collect information about thousands of site visits and analyze it as a whole. This information, centered around how customers navigate through the site is in the form of clickstream data and/or data gathered via pixel tags. In this kind of study, we look for trends among many visitors to Interactive rather than analyze information about any individual customer.

Second, we may use information gathered during your visit to help customize our communications with you on your next visit.

In the end, we hope to tailor our communications with you to fit your needs so that you receive more of what you want from us and less of what you don't want.

The two following sections, Information you provide us and Cookies - what they are and how we use them, provide more details about information we gather at

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Information you provide us
In order to answer your mail or in return for services like newsletters, a conference summary or when registering for any of our events, we ask you to provide information by filling out and submitting an online form. Following is a list of the information we request, arranged by site location, and details on how we use this information.

? Contact Us
You will find you are confronted with a simple pop-up window when you click on most "contact us", "tell us" etc. links. We have created this form, rather than providing an email address, to make life more difficult for spammers. This tells you how we feel about them. We ask you to provide a name and an email address, a subject line and a message. This is purely to be able to answer you in a civilized way. Your details will be deleted as soon as the answer has been sent.

? Get On Infolist
We ask for your name and an email address (without which we can not send any email newsletter to you). In addition you may want to provide us with your postal address and details or your position and company. The additional information we use to send you a printed programme of events that might interest you. Usually two times a year.
We do not share any information with third parties. We do
not share or sell email addresses.

? Registration
We ask for your name, address and contact information so we can send you your confirmation and so we can contact you if we have a question about your registration or order. We ask for credit card information so we can fulfill your registration/order, and so we can provide this information We do not share any other information with third parties, except in the case of contact or order information needed to fulfill your registration/order. We do not share or sell email addresses.

? My Account
When you register for a conference at you will receive a user name and password by email. This gives you entry to our insider area that provides extra services like networking, gives you the possibility to describe yourself or your company and access to tools and services not available in the public area. Information within the insider area is not leaving that area.

? The Interactive Publishing Email Newsletter
We ask you to provide a name, email address and ev. profile information. We use this information only to fulfill your request and, in the case of profile information, to help make sure we're sending you the type of email updates and catalogs you want to receive. We do not share or sell email addresses.

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Cookies ? what they are and how we use them
Cookies are small bits of text that your Web browser software stores on your computer when you visit some Web sites. Interactive Publishing GmbH uses cookies to help make it easier for you to use our site and to help us customize your experience so that we can provide you with the information you need ? when and where you need it. Name, address and other personal details are not stored within these cookies. The cookies simply hold the "key" that, once interpreted by our site, is associated with this information.

Following are details on how we use cookies in specific areas of

? Personalizing your experience
If you've created an account at or if you've registered online with us before, a cookie allows us to greet you when you enter the insider using the first name you provided to us previously. It also allows us to provide you with information we think you may be interested in based on events of Interactive Publishing GmbH you have attended or browsed on

? Site browsing and searches
We use cookies to better understand which parts of our site are receiving traffic and which products are requested in site searches. This information assists us in our efforts to refine our site, as well as efforts to improve and customize the knowledge gathering experience for individual customers.

? Registration Process
We use a cookie to improve the ease of registering at and to better understand how customers use our site. For example will the cookie allow us to provide you with a shorter registration process if you have been at one of our events before. The cookie also helps us to understand how our customers navigate through and use, enabling us to measure the site's ease of use and marketing effectiveness and to better target our communications to you.

? Promotions linking to
If you click on a link to from an Interactive Publishing Email Newsletter or a promotional link on another site, we use a cookie to help measure the success of that particular marketing effort. In this way we can better understand how to reach customers with the information they want about Interactive Publishing GmbH.

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Information we do not collect
When you visit our site, we do not collect your name, email address or any other personal information unless you provide it to us.

How we use email
After you place an order/a registration on our site, you will receive an email confirmation.

We send the Interactive Publishing GmbH Email Newsletter, our email updates on conferences, events and awards, to subscribers and occasionally to other customers who we think might be interested in receiving this information. Unsubscribe instructions are included in each edition of the email.

If you provide your email address only in email to, we may send you email to follow up on your inquiry, but we will not use the address for marketing purposes.

We do not sell or share email addresses with other companies.

We do use email as a means of receiving feedback from our customers, and we encourage you to email us with your questions or comments. We read every email we receive.

Links to other sites
Occasionally we provide links to other sites we think you will enjoy. These sites operate independently of Interactive Publishing GmbH and have established their own privacy and security policies. For the best online experience, we strongly encourage you to review these policies at any site you visit.

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About information we share with others
The only information we share with others is in aggregated form as in Country, Industry, Pages visited etc. At no moment will we share information of an individual or a single company.

Information we do not share with others
Interactive Publishing GmbH does not share, sell or trade email addresses, information collected as part of a survey, or specific details about you or your company. We do not contribute to or participate in shared or cooperative databases, which give other companies access to your personal information. We do not release credit card or financial information for use by other companies. For both privacy and security purposes, all transactional information communicated between customers and our web site is transmitted in an encrypted format, and all credit card information is stored in a highly secure computing environment. (See About Security for details.)

Your mailing preferences
You may contact us by phone, email or postal mail to:
- Eliminate duplicate catalogs
- Limit the Interactive Publishing GmbH programmes you receive
- Remove your name from our programme mailing list
- Update the name and address information we use when we mail you programmes.

Email us at or write to the following address. Please include a note of instruction.
Interactive Publishing GmbH, Inc.
Samariterstrasse 5
8032 Zürich/Switzerland

Updates to our information practices
We're always looking for ways to improve our site's features and services ? and to improve the way we communicate our information practices. As a result, this statement is updated from time to time. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on privacy practices at

Questions or comments? Please contact us
For questions, comments or assistance with any privacy-related issues, we invite you to contact us. We're always happy to help.

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