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23. May 2002
by Joanne Shaw
I am a 15 yr old girl from England. i was so shocked when the twin towers crashed to the ground. I feel really sorry for all the people who have lost members of their family especially Children who have lost a mum or dad.

23. May 2002
by Vicky Dowling
I live in England i am 15/Girl. I have just started my GCSE course work on conflict and co-oparation and i have chosen to do this on September 11th. i think it is very sad on what has happend, i was out with my friends when this happend, we came in and put the tv on to watch MTV and the news came on. We all was very shocked

7. May 2002
My Thoughts
by Rachelle Player
I live in Australia so far away I could never anagain what happened on this day I am a young woman of 14 so young at heart but these treble men just proved to smart.
I was having a fight with my boyfriend the day before I thought i'd cry for ever more but it was silly the next who would have known I would be so sad my boyfriend came ove together we sat we curled together and cryed on my mum packwork mat. I have scince then grew another year older everyday i still remember how silly i was to fight on the day the whole world will remember.
The point of my story is that the terrible things that happened on that day brought the world together no matter of there differences!

4. May 2002
Tragedy On September 11
by Leanne Fraser
Why Could This Have Happened,On September 11.And I was very pleased to Hear when They Put The Towers Of Light.Because That's where the Twin Towers were Standing.When The Jets hit the Towers.And they collasped to the Ground.

4. May 2002
photo of bachelor party wtc-june '01?
by jay marshall
i visited wtc last june & took a photo of a group on a sat. around noon. the groom had an orange toga & a "ball & chain", & another friend was dressed as a priest. the group was 6 guys & the groom had just been boxing. i'm sure they'd like the photo--if it's you, let me know.

26. Apr 2002
September Statues for the New Millenniun
by Algis Kemezys
Not knowing what else to do, I found myself making statues. Now in retrospect, I know what they are about.

Link to statues>>

19. Apr 2002
just a note of my thoughts
by Tamara  McMulle
I just wanted to say i may very proud of all the people who helped(and are stil continue to help). I am hopfull that one day terrorism will no longer threaten this country, and that well will be able to some how be able to come to terms with what happened on september 11,2001. i believe that we are not given anything that we can't handle, it may be hard but in the end we are stronger because of the hardship we have been through.

19. Apr 2002
Thank you guys!
by Ruth  Gaberscik
Hi! I am from Austria (not Australia!) and a feel commiseration for the victims of this terroristic act, which is as brutal as possible! Why must this innocent people die? How can people be so cruel and bad? In peace for everyone

19. Apr 2002
by Kaeli O'Mathes
this is amazing, I'm doing a report on whether the september 11th attacks changed America's lives... all the information I need to know is on ONE web page... thank you we all appreciate it!!!!

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