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September 11

A wide range of books have been published in the aftermath of September 11. (Links go through to Amazon, prices might change sometimes)

Some journalistic accounts are:

Running Toward Danger: Stories Behind the breaking news of 9/11. Which tells the story in the words of more than 100 journalists from all different media. A similar apporach is taken with Covering Catastrophe: Broadcast Journalists Report September 11.

The oustanding picture book is - not surprisingly - the one by the worlds most famous photo agency, Magnum. The New York September 11 volume brings together a truly impressive collection.

For visitors of the screen shot collection site September 11, 2001 will be very interesting. It is a collection of 150 front pages of major newspapers throughout the world collected by the Poynter Institute. The paperback is available for $11.97 (List price $14.95)

For keepsakes the LIFE special issue One Nation tops the sales list. The Chicago Tribune writes "...the Life book stands out as the best of the bunch". The excellent photos, backgrounds, graphics and accounts make for a comprehensive package. This item has been chosen by most visitors of this site. The hardcover is available for $17.97 (List price 29.95)

Reuters is the biggest news agency in the world and has dozens of excellent photographers at its fingertip. The quiet and impressive September 11: A testimony offers a contemplative view on how people reacted in the wake of the attack. The carefully put together hardcover is available for $20.30 (List price $29.00)

Many art projects have been completed since September 11. Ginko Press offers Out of the Ruins a collection of watercolors by Jean Holabird depicting the clearing away of the wreckage. Strangly calming amidst the horror.

Search on Amazon for more books on the topic.

Mind Care

Fahrenheit 451 ( as e-Book ) strikes me as a healthy book in times when individual freedom often is willingly surrendered without pause.

Visualization and Visual Culture Drift

Edwald Tufte's trilogy.
Nicholas Mirzoeff: Visual Culture Reader


By Larry Prior's enthusiastic endorsment: Online Journalism; A
Critical Primer
by John Hall.


The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton.
Review by Norbert Specker
Sometimes a book tumbles into your hands from nowhere - and you know it is meant to be exactly there. Like the "The Art of Travel". So join me, strike a series of conversations with kind, wise people that tug on your shirt sleeve, pulling you this way and that way. Not to worry, they don't compete to show you the newest and coolest travel destination. All excited they point you to the many different states of mind, of observation, of interest, of admiration that are possible while travelling. Alain de Botton combines his own astute observations with the thoughts and ideas of his and our guides, great travelers throughout the times - and often understands them better than they did themselves. Not of their destinations or their artistic or scientific merits the story tells, but of their individual ways, their personal art of travel. My personal rediscovery included the reminder that it is not so important where we travel to, but which part of us goes along for the trip. "The Art of Travel" came to me on an airport and I will not let it go. Not as long as I travel. And who knows when that will ever end.

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