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Interactive Publishing GmbH is, operating from Zurich, Switzerland and Victoria, B. C., Canada, has produced since 1994 the international content strategy conference Interactive Publishing Europe. In addition IP creates platforms and networks, which provide new and traditional media with the tools to sustainable digital and interactive forms of content.

Founded by Norbert Specker, the ever expanding network has spawned many new projects and cooperations among traditional and new media, across borders and industries.


Norbert Specker (42)
Founder and CEO
Interactive Publishing GmbH
Founder & Creative Content Officer
Content Summit Europe

Norbert Specker is a "networker" and thrives on unsolved riddles and intriguing questions (google him). In the early web days (1994), this led him to initiate and create the Interactive Publishing Europe Conference. The conference will be held for the 9th time on January 16-17, 2003 and it has helped to extend personal networks of very different people with varying ideas and products around the globe and has sparked off many co-operations.

Norbert firmly believes that bringing people, ideas and products together, is the best way to solve riddles and answer questions - and do sustainable business along the way. Those were the motivations to start in 1994 the Interactive Publishing Europe Conference.
Out of the same belief grew the ambition to gather the most relevant events of the European "Content Industry" and create the Content Summit. This first European marketplace, catering to the various players in this market, has surrounded Interactive Publishing and, without doubt, added many dimensions to conference.

Norbert is convinced that the Europe interactive content industry can only contribute substantially to the evolution of a networked economy, if the flow of information between the diverse markets is ensured. Out of this conviction, he initiated and co-founded (1998) --a free weekly newsletter reporting on the online media developments across Europe. Europemedia has recently been re-launched as

Further contributing to the recognition of excellence is IP Top, the yearly award for the best in European Interactive Content created in 1998.

Norbert is the owner of CATCHUP! Communications AG, a small and efficient interactive media and content development think tank and agency which was founded, in 1992, with offices in Zurich and Victoria, B.C.

In 2001 Norbert established the screenshot archive, a digital museum, with more than 200 online news sites from around the world covering September 11. The site has been featured in publications like Spiegel, USAToday, Wired, La Repubblica and dozens more. The tools and the collections have grown with the latest project being World Cup 2002

Norbert writes regularly for newspapers (check the bi-weekly columns in NZZ am Sonntag if you read German), weblogs (E-Media Tidbits, Lately On The Web (Netwanderings), September Blog), the trade press, speaks and moderates at conferences and is the author of a book on audiotex/interactive media (1993) and one on customer dialogue (1999). In 1998, he was included in the “50 international new media names to know“ list of the "Online Journalism Revue" (Annenberg School of Communication/USC). Norbert is a long-time judge for the Eppy Awards for Online Newspapers and serves on the advisory board of the Media Center of the American Press Institute (API) and on the founding board of the E-Book Newsstand Association (EBNA).

In previous years, Norbert was involved in local and interactive TV projects, corporate video production, audiotex, radio, interactive teletext and fax services. He also ran the film and photo production services company "Loco Location".
He studied art history and journalism at the University of Zurich.

With his Canadian wife, Liz Nokes, he was involved in the mid-eighties in managing "The Stage Company." The modern dance, music and theatre company had a true vision of convergence on stage - and a bumpy ride while getting there. Not so much has changed.

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