September Comments up to 2003


6. Dec 2003 by donna c

2 yrs later and I'm still thinking about 9/11 as if it just happened. It has had such an impact on our lives. I think often of the families left behind and I say left behind because where the victims went is a very safe and happy place. Be grateful for all we have now and never take for granted what a simple hello and I Love You to your family


1. Dec 2003 by Bridget Emerson

What happened on September 11 was so sad that all those people died. I feel sorry for the wives and children and husbands of those who died. I hope that you would feel as much pitty for them as i do. And just know that i will always hold a special place in my heart for those who suffered and died.

So Sad Day

7. Nov 2003 by Jasmine Gonzalez

Every September 11 I get sad because all those people got killed by the terrorist attacks.
I always wanted to one day visit the twin towers but I guess now that's not going to be possible.

Not only the Americans

1. Nov 2003 by Isaac Abraham

The people who were affected were not only the Americans...There were many others from many other countries like Pakisan, India even Afganistan. The whole world was united in mourning the loss suffered my MILLIONS which cannot be repaid.

Loss of the Innocent

27. Oct 2003 by reena tay

Those who were killed during the9-11, people grieve wishing that through some miracle those lives could be brought back but the fact that they cant hurts so much the innocence of these people was not thought of there for it resulted in the loss of their lives.On today it marks at least a year and 1 month since the tragedy and alot has changed since then security has gotten tighter and more secure but the thing that shocks me is how it took people dying and a year for them to realize that they needed to tighten up.people died and it took that for america to change.

the bad day

21. Oct 2003 by Lauren Coontz

the bad day
is a day
when all the people mourn.
we remember those who lost their lives that clear september morn.
the bad day is
not knowing who,
but mourning too.
feeling bad for those who suffered,
feeling bad for peoples feelings, that were ushered.
i know that all the world
has known about our loss,
but now every september day
will be known as the bad day.

Wedding Anniversary

20. Oct 2003 by Therese Sinks

I just wanted to tell everyone that im still praying for the familys from 9-11. On that tragic day it was my 2 yr wedding anniversary. Needless to say i didnt celebrate it, but im just glad I'll be here to see more to come; some werent so lucky. May god be with everyone and i pray that this country gets stronger everyday!! God Bless!

baby born

11. Sep 2003 by Kimberly Wilk

my son was born at 9:19am on sept. 11, 2001. every year when my family and i are celebrating the birth of my son many others are morning the lost of so many loved ones. but before the celebrating will begin in our house there will be prayer said every year for all the ones who have lost there lives on 9-11. and they will never be forgotten


11. Sep 2003 by franco bisti

solo una parola ....ricorderò!

A wish

10. Sep 2003 by Sherelle Beckford

I'd just like to say that all those lives lost on that tragic day of September 11th 2001 will never be forgotten. I pray for all of the families and friends of those who lost there lives especially on the memorial day.
Lots of love,Sherelle

A day we shall never forget!

10. Sep 2003 by Janet Burdon

On this day! This day will always tug at my heart strings,and bring
saddness to me.
To think of all those lovely people who lost there lives..I hope the people who where left behind,know that so many people are thinking about them on this sad day.

I work for the government in England........

Great site

10. Sep 2003 by Erica Smith

Thanks for archiving all that web stuff from 9/11 and allowing us all to see it for free.

We should never forget

7. Sep 2003 by Lorraine Ellard

This site is great, and I don't think we should ever forget the atrocities committed on that day, I know I will never forget, the disbelief that turned to sorrow and then anger, we should work together as a team to outlaw terrorists, or all those people passed over for nothing.

Rest in peace.


6. Sep 2003 by RICHARD BRIENZA


great site!

15. Aug 2003 by KF8ZR KF8ZR

When did you make it?

(editor: it was started on September 17, 2001)

so sad

8. Aug 2003 by cheryl adin

I always think of Sept 11th, 2001 - my thoughts and prayers go out to the families. I too, lost my husband just two weeks later on Sept 29th, 2001 in a tragic car addident. May God Bless all of you --

We too are heros

8. Aug 2003 by EDWIN RIVERA

I work in a New York City Public elementary school. September 11, is a day that we all will never forget at our school. When first hearing of the events feelings of mass confusion raddled through my body. but we were able to maintain our students calm and focused. I remember seeing parents walking through the doors first one parent, then three, then six at a time and in moments parents by the bunch poured in through the doors demanding there children. we as a staff pulled together to deliver there children safely and as fast as we could that day. By 2:00 pm on September 11, 98% of our population was evacuated and safe in there parents arms. I just wanted to say thanks to the staff of P.S.376 for pulling together when we most needed to.


24. Jan 2003 by caroline engel

I´m from Germany.
I´ll give all my love to all who lost their Friends, husbands, wifes etc....
I love America... It´s so beautiful.... I´ll come back....

im soo sorry!!

16. Jan 2003 by - -

i cant say i no what the familys are going threw that lost family members on that day... i live in ireland and i would like all of america now that we irish havnt 4got!!
god bless america


10. Dec 2002 by AZRA ELDIF

this is to all the people who died on sept 11; you died defending your country and you'll all be remembered in the future and your bodies may be gone but your soul will last forever!


10. Dec 2002 by aimara leyva

It is something that will never go away ,it will always affect us and feel as if we are not completely safe,not only for those who lost friends and family members ,but for everybody who have human compassion.I will never forget 9/11.Our lives have forever been changed, our feeling of security in a nation were we could've never imagined such an act of inhumanity could've occured.This day will be recorded in our minds and scared in our hearts forever.I send out my sympathy for those who lost a love .

what can you say?

3. Dec 2002 by melanie spires

Like everyone else, i felt utter disbelief for all of the people who were involved directly in the tragedy, and their families. I know some people think that hate breeds hate, two wrongs don't make a right etc, but no terrorist is right, they do not deserve human rights, they deserve the terror done unto them as they have inflicted on others. When i heard about September 11th, i cried, i live in ENGLAND so it had no bearing on my life directly but i still felt for the families and victims, we all always will. Let's hope the Bin Ladens of this world get what they deserve.

Never forgotten

29. Nov 2002 by Jack Mc Donald

while sitting by my computer, somehow I thought of Sept 11, and just wondering how those left behind, feel now !!
God Bless u all.


6. Nov 2002 by C Yiannakis

My birthday is on the 11 September, and I feel honoured to share it with the many hero's of the 9-11 attack, i will always be shedding a tear when i think of what had happened, God is with you all, and won't leave your side, God Bless you America

diff day

28. Oct 2002 by Josh Smith

My heart goes out to all the families of victims in the 9/11 tragedy. So, I am signing this guestbook for a difference day assignment.

the forgetful tragedy

15. Oct 2002 by Julie Edmonds

I just want to give my love to all who lost loved ones friends and family.There isn't a day that goes by that i don't think about it.its heart-breaking and frightening.i hope all your pain and hurt is easing by the day and by the year that has gone by.Their memories live on in my heart!!


6. Oct 2002 by lee spar

i am sorry to all the people affected.....

no words

13. Sep 2002 by carol brooks

I am so very sorry, no words can say how I feel
about that day, my heart goes out to all those poor people who lost someone. god bless you all.

een woord van medeleven voor de nabestaanden

12. Sep 2002 by Johan Oudesluijs

Ik wens iedereen die betrokken geweest is bij de ramp heel veel sterkte toe voor de toekomst.

11 sept was een droevigen dag voor de wereld.

12. Sep 2002 by jan sak

ik vind het heel erg voor alle mensen in u land
ik hoop ook dat u veel kracht kan vinden.
om verder te kunnen leven.


11. Sep 2002 by Laura M.

it doesnt feel like a year does it? it feels like yesterday when i was sitting in my classroom and overheard a conversation that a plane had crashed into the pentagon. I wish this pain could all end but it cant so we all hafta stay strong and work together to help everyone realize that we wont stand aside and let America be attacked...we will fight back and regain victory....i love you America

my thoughts are with you all...

11. Sep 2002 by KAREN JONES

this is from all that i speak on behalf of, to say that i am thinking of you all at this present time, 9/11. my thoughts are with you at this special time and i will say a prayer for you tonight and every night that i go to sleep, praying that the families of those still not found in the september attack, and of those who have been found. memories can never be replaced. forever in our hearts.god will look over you now, and always. America we love you allxxxxxxx.

We will always remember that day

11. Sep 2002 by BARBARA GALANOU

It has been a year but that doesnt stop the memory living on. Today i went to church and light a candle for all victims of 11 September.We will never forget you.
The deepest sympathy from Greece to the familys of the victims.

in remembrance

11. Sep 2002 by jan kuiken

my thoughts go to all the people who dies on sep 11/01 i whish all the families and friends all the best united we stand.

leiden nedherlands

we remember

11. Sep 2002 by pamela birch

Words cannot express the horror i felt when i heard about the attack . My deapest sympathy goes to all the relatives and families at this sad time.God bless you all,from myself and my family here in the U.K.

Dead Ahead

11. Sep 2002 by Charlie Redmond

Here in New York, the sky is that same bright blue, air just as clear, sunshine as warm ... a day we used to revel in. Getting to September used to mean reaching the month that presents New York with some of its best weather --- filled with days one local weatherman would pronounce as "one the top ten days of the year". Leaving behind the hot fumes of August, we could breathe deeply again. Then, refreshed by the edge of fall, we could quicken our pace, get back into action, resume the year or start a new one.

This year's early September looks just like last year's, and feels nothing at all like it. September 11 is dead ahead and it is going to hurt. Maybe not as much as last year, but we gave enough then to last a while. We hope.

This Country Will Not Run

11. Sep 2002 by jacob frahm

September eleventh was a day we will not forget the actions where comitted by a group of men that we should destroy by tomorrow. I know what it is like My aunt was there that day i am very grateful that my aunt was safe. We need to join forces to destroy the terrorists.

I remember

11. Sep 2002 by Arno Friesenborg

Now it is one year ago, that New York's World Trade Center collapsed. I will never forget this.


11. Sep 2002 by Brian Cowles

The time is coming up to 1.46pm. I am thinking and praying for all those involved; and hoping for a peaceful day.
God Bless you all!

September 11 2001

11. Sep 2002 by Lucinda Calvert

IT's 11 September 2002 and writing in reflection of what actually took place this time last year. I still cannot believe that it has happened. I'm sure many families and friends and the entire America will be contemplating, remembering how this one day impacted their lives in such a dramatic way. My wish for all those families are that hate would have no part of today, what if's will not hold your hearts back from healing and that God in all His love and care will have reached your hearts to reach out to one another and comfort each other with memories that no-one can take away from you. The wives that lost their husbands, the husbands that lost their wives, the children who lost moms,dads,grandma's and grandpa's and those who lost aunt's, uncle's, friends, cousins, mother-in-law's, father-in-laws, parents, parents how lost their children and for everyone around the world who lost someone part of the human race may we unite in love to sharing sorrow of fellow human beings and pray that the lost each person felt reverberated throughout the world.
God bless you all

I remember

11. Sep 2002 by lucia fachinetti

non dimenticherò mai...I love you America!!


11. Sep 2002 by marco schepers

today a year ago and again you can feel the pain.
so far away, but so close.
Let's stand still this day to remember all the persons who died last year.
I feel sorry for anyone who lost friends or relatives and I may hope you will find the strength to continue living and pass this horrible day.
The world is thinking of you.
Marco Schepers - The Netherlands

I will light a candle.

11. Sep 2002 by Susan Maier

Its 11:30 on 9-10-02 and I can't sleep. I came upon your site and thought I would take a moment to comment on 9-11-01. Tomorrow morning I am going to rise early and go outside and hang every American flag we own. At 8:45 I will light a candle outside and let it burn all day and night. Through all of this past year I have had to some how LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH and LEARN. I thank God that he gave me these special gifts because they are just that,gifts.

All best wishes,

Susan C. Maier
Churchtown, Pennsylvania

so sorry

11. Sep 2002 by matt ste

i feel so bad for the ones who lost there family tn the ittack i hope the families will be happy one year later instead of sad. please dont be sad on the 11th of 2002 its a new year make it rite


9. Sep 2002 by R. Soeterboek

Als ik op dit moment zie hoe de wereld weer gewoon doordraait vraag ik me wel eens af of veel mensen niet zijn vergeten wat 11 september 2001 is gebeurt en er geen of weinig lering uit hebben getrokken. Ik hoop dat ik me vergis.......

so sorry

9. Sep 2002 by lone elkjær

me & my family feel so sorry in our harts to those who died that day, and VERY sorry 4 the family who lost their family.
hope they manage too live thier life in peace.
Many thoughts from all of us from Denmark:)

A moment in time

7. Sep 2002 by Megan Pitts

I take this chance to speak to you, the ones who lost a loved one I am so sorry and I wish it was in my power to change it all to take it all away so that you can go to bed each night without that pill or drink without your burdens! Please let me hold you in my arms and love you ,care for you. Always know there are millions of people how care for you all and would give there right arm to let you have it all back but you must move forward and let them go so that they can stretch their wings and fly Not far away, they would never leave you and you know that is true in your heart.In this moment in time I want you to know that this heart cries out with love and will never forget you . Never, Never, Never.
Sleep softly my love...

9/11 angels

6. Sep 2002 by Amy Scott

September 11 touched the entire world, especially here in Australia. i cant even begin to explain how... hurt...sadened...dissappointed and scared i was after 9/11. I will never forget
Sleep peacefully 9/11 angels and god bless all those who helped in the time of pain and fright

Let's Mahatir help

6. Sep 2002 by Eric Ngai

I am a Malaysia-Chinese,We are multi races and a Muslim country.We have our own religion but we never war each other. Do you want to know why?Dr Mahatir our Prime Minister has his own way to handle the matters.We are annoyed to see everyday Palastine-Israel fight and kills.To feel unsafe that we might be attacked by fighters.Let's Dr Mahatir be a middle man to end all this problems because he is a admired Muslim leader in the world and going to pension next year.I am sure he can help better then Colin Power.Take my suggestion and I am sure we can make a better world to live.

The Memory Lives On

6. Sep 2002 by Jane Kennedy

I may not live in New York,
I may not have been with you on that tragic day,
But that doesnt stop the memory living on,
for everyone.
The day our world changed forever.
God bless America, and everyone that lives on after this tragic event. God bless those that lost loved ones and we can only hope that one day, your pain will be eased.

For you all

5. Sep 2002 by Christine Mandel

Foir all the victims,the survivers,the families,the heroes...
with the first anniversary coming up: May God bless us all!


5. Sep 2002 by Alessandro Nardone

Nel ricordo delle vittime dobbiamo difendere la nostra libertà!


5. Sep 2002 by Heike Eibig

11th sept. 2001, I was at home, my husband returned from home saying..did you hear about New York? Something happened there...We turned on the television, first tower was hit, believing it was an accident..and while we were sitting and watching, the second plane chrashed into the other tower..i cant explain my thoughts, my pain, my beloved New many heart´s with all families who lost a beloved person there..take care and best wishes for the future from germany

Let us never forget....

5. Sep 2002 by Hilde Alexandra Grønland

Though it's one of the most tragic events in history, we must never forget the cruelties against mankind that took place about a year ago. We must remember the victims and take care of their families and friends. To make sure that history doesn't repeat itself, we must never leave this behind us or look at it as less cruel than it was. We must fight terror in the best and most meaningful kind of way.

Thank you for making this pages for all people to visit. Take care of each other everybody....

Never give in

4. Sep 2002 by Peter Ross

No matter what some say America's good to the world far outweighs any perceived evil the fanatics spout out. We must never give in to their perception of how humanity should be run, we must continue to fight the tyranny and false rhetoric, as an englishman i for one stand full square behind America in its fight to make the world a better place, safe from so called religeous fanatics.NEVER GIVE IN.

in rememberance

4. Sep 2002 by kim r

They can take the buildings down in a city we love
But they will never the love out of the city we built.

May God Bless the survivors, the victims' families and friends, the free World, our President to make the right decisions at the right time, and to find a way to educate and forgive the souls of the foolish who think they have made a leap for their cause ineptly disguised under the quest for victory in religious righteousness.


3. Sep 2002 by Tiffany Wynn

Next week will be one year since this attack on our country occured. Many americans will gather together and remember. Some will go about with their daily routine. Then there are those who will never be able to escape the pain that day brought them. None of us will ever understand why this happened or how anyone could wish such tragic death upon a country who stands for so much freedom and equality for ALL. (...) My prayers go out to everyone that lost a family member or friend in the attack; and also the men and women who are fighting for our country as we speak.

false hope

3. Sep 2002 by Hannah Benbow

I am 14 years old and i live in Australia. I had just finished watching my fave show, when i turned to watch all the CNN news and stuff. And i watched everything happen live...i saw the 1st plane crash, and thought nothing of it, but then i saw the fear in the reporters faces when suddenly the 2nd plane popped out of the sky and hit the 2nd building. What kind of world have got to raise MY children in. A world full of racism, hate, anger, and prejudice! its not what i pictured my life to be. All i want is PEACE...but somehow i know it wont happen! i am just giving my self false hope basically!!!!!

Sales manager

2. Sep 2002 by Lennart Adolfsson

Victims will never be forgotten


31. Aug 2002 by Andrew Ellerton

Fellow Australian firefighter.
Remembering that day!


30. Aug 2002 by Aaron Mishler

Keep Your Head Up!


29. Aug 2002 by Lisa Burton

It was with a heavy that I watch on 9-11. My heart went out to all the victims families. Almost a year has went by now. I still feel sorrow for this day in our history. (9-11 a day of hell!) My deepest sympathy to all that was touched on that day. USA remember United we stand. Thank-you to all the firefighters, Police, Solders mostly to the victims that died that day. Lisa Burton, OH


27. Aug 2002 by AMBER DAVIDSON



25. Aug 2002 by Sarah Gaffney

September the 11th, the day the world stopped for so many. I was at work here in Wales when the reports started to come thru on our radio, Noone in our office could belive what they were hearing untill I made a call home to my mother. She watched the events unfold that fatefull day and passed the information to us at work. The phones fell silent as people turned to their tv I hope the world has started again for you all, every day no doubt is a struggle but you have proved to have great strength and courage.For the people on the streets of New York there is a huge amount of respect for you and your loss will always be in my heart.


24. Aug 2002 by david cameron

why am i doing this

Anchorage Tears.

21. Aug 2002 by Cheryl Shroyer

The morning after.
Outside in the cool dusky Anchorage morning.
Wrinkled hunched old man sitting with his coffee at the café table.
Reading the newspaper.
Tears running down his face.

I pause.
My heart brakes again.

I will never forget

21. Aug 2002 by Darlene Leech

Viewing the pictures in this archive make me realize that no matter how much time goes by I will never forget what happened to America on September 11, 2001. I grew up in Brooklyn and the skyline of Manhattan was a constant in my life. I will always look in the direction of the Twin Towers as I travel to New York and I will never forget.


21. Aug 2002 by Michael Tanner

God bless those who gave their lives trying to save others on Sept. 11.

Are they looking fo justice or revenge

18. Aug 2002 by Chess Savage

First I would like to apologise for my spelling, I am a Sophtmore in College on 9-11 I had just gotten back from a road trip with a girl friend of mine. I was hart broken and scared. I live in Washington State, I have relatives and friends in New york and D.C. I made calls to see if every one was ok and luckly they where. I have a friend that is in the marines and he has started talking about how if war breaks out his platoon is the third in line to be shiped off to war. What I want to know is, are we fighting for justice anymore or just trying to get revenge? Why is this the way we think things will get solved? Thanx for your time -Chess Savage-


9. Aug 2002 by Stan Wilkinson

I think the time has come for the USA to put September 11 behind them, and get on with life. While it was shocking, startling, there have been other events of much greater significance.
December 7, 1941 is an example of incomparably greater significance.
This continual "harping" on September 11 is downright unhealthy.
The idea that people would sue for damages for something clearly not blamable on any but the perpetrators is grotesque. In some cases it will result in families actually profiting from the tragedy. I have in mind the young single man who was killed, and whose parents were given a settlement of over $1,000,000 in return for an agreement not to sue. Disgusting.

I have never forgotten that day!

7. Aug 2002 by Natalie McDonald

HI im 16 yrs old and 9/11 was one of the worst things ive never experienced. I cant imagine how others must be feeling who knew those who perished or who are part of the American community. I live in England and when i heard it at first i admit i thought it was a joke, but soon realised.
I watched tv constantly for about a week, crying for those who had perished but also praying for them and their families that they had gone to a better place where we will see them one day in heaven! what a joyous day that will be!!. Neways as the first yr anniversary approaches i pray for all you guys and will continue to do so. This is one day that will live in history and will live with every1
God bless you all!

prayer for peace

3. Aug 2002 by rose paull

we are all brothers and sisters on this planet we have to look into each others eyes and see only the good that G-D created in us and then we will know that the hatred and the killing must stop and we will live and let live..B> H>MY Prayer on this Shabbt day. rose with the Purple HAIR>


3. Aug 2002 by Karina Hunter

Hello...I'm 16 and from New Jersey I witnessed the second tower falling from a window at my school. I just would like to say thank you to all of the brave men and women who risked their lives on that terrible day. When I heard the annoucement on the school PA a part of me died that day. I wished with all my heart that it wasn't true, but when I turned to look out the window I saw the horrible truth. To the families of the victims of this tradgey my heart goes out to all of you.

mad dogs with money

31. Jul 2002 by Robert Vaughn

I have not shaved since 9/11/01. I will not shave until the leader or leaders of this crime, against humanity, are served with justice.

Every morning I see this beard and remember that day. I think about the people who got up and went to work, supporting their families, that day. They will never be forgotten.

When someone comes to your house, kicks in the door, and attacks your brothers and sisters... everything is personal. Everything...

The people who did this horrible thing celebrated the death and misery of thousands of innocent human beings. Compassion for anyone even capable of such thoughts, is out of the question. Like a disease or rabbid animal, those who are involved WILL be hunted until Eternity, if neccessary.

May God have mercy on them for I offer none. I'd like to help arrange the meeting. May your God, whichever one that is, give you strength and love.

Finally, these animals speak of "god", yet they are god - less. No discussion, period. They will all go before Him, on bended knee, as we all will. Then let them speak of their exploits and deeds, which earns their place in Heaven.

May the ride down,for them, be one that is never forgotten. Peace to us All


22. Jul 2002 by mari ama

what happened? send pics and stories thanks

what happenend

22. Jul 2002 by Mary Iama

please..i live in africa and not much news on this..please all write me with stories and pictures..thank you shawalla ubecchhi

11Sept2001 - The Victims Choice!

21. Jul 2002 by Ture Sjolander

The Victims Rules!

This is a Sacred Place of International Magnitude!!


A Message from Ireland

8. Jul 2002 by Sile Aine Ni Chorcra

I'm an irish girl , the day of September 11th my sister was flying home after spending three months in Calgary in Canada. i was driving home from school at around 12 irish time, when heard a news bulletin saying that two planes had hit the twin towers in New York. At that moment i was convinced that my sister was dead. For about two minutes i felt an agony that i will never understand, i can somehow understand the pain of the people who lost loved ones on that tragic day in such a cruel and evil way. I was lucky in that my sister had safely reached London, and got home to Caok safely that day. I think that we should keep in mind the realtives and freinds of the workers in the towers who went to work that morning after leaving there families and had they're lives unnecessarily taken from them, and for the firemen and policemen who showed immense bravery and courage in a noble way that I will tell my children in years to come about. God look on us all with love and mercy and may we all live to the best of our ability, remember be kind, show warmth and look after yourselves agus go neiri an bothar leat. Slan mo chairde

Sile Aine




Thank you

6. Jul 2002 by Ed Beal

I have visited you site and found it most interesting,
Have been moved by a poem/ prayer received from a friend and would like to share it,

Remembrance of September 11 2001
This is so true
In memory of all those who perished that morning; the passengers and the pilots on the United Air and AA flights, the workers in the World Trade Center and the
Pentagon, the innocent bystanders. Our prayers go out to the friends and families
of the deceased.
If I knew it would be the last time,
That I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly,
and pray the Lord, your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time
that I see you walk out the door, I would give you a hug and kiss
and call you back for one more. If I knew it would be the last time
I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would video tape each action and word,
so I could play them back day after day. If I knew it would be the last time,
I could spare an extra minute, to stop and say "I love you,"
instead of assuming you would KNOW I do.
If I knew it would be the last time
I would be there to share your day,
Well I'm sure you'll have so many more,
so I can let just this one slip away.
For surely there's always tomorrow
to make up for an oversight,
and we always get a second chance
to make everything just right.
There will always be another day
to say "I love you,"
And certainly there's another chance
to say our "Anything I can do?"
But just in case I might be wrong,
and today is all I get,
I'd like to say how much I love you
and I hope we never forget.
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone,
young or old alike,
And today may be the last chance
you get to hold your loved one tight
So if you're waiting for tomorrow,
why not do it today?
For if tomorrow never comes,
you'll surely regret the day,
That you didn't take that extra time
for a smile, a hug, or a kiss
and you were too busy to grant someone,
what turned out to be their one last wish.
So hold your loved ones close today,
and whisper in their ear,
Tell them how much you love them
and that you'll always hold them dear

Take time to say "I'm sorry,"
"Please forgive me," "Thank you," or "It's okay."
And if tomorrow never comes,
you'll have no regrets about today.

One Nation Under God

5. Jul 2002 by AM3R1CAN PATR10T

Is it a coincidence that the same liberals who defend and support our enemies also fight to take God and morality out of American society? No! They wish to destroy morality and defend those who wish to destroy our nation. Our enemies despise the fact that our nation's success is attributed to it's Judeo-Christian values.

What i truly feel

27. Jun 2002 by Tim Christoffersen

First of all, I do not appreciate the action that happened on september 11th.

But I do respect any terrorist; they have the guts to stand up and fight for what they believe is right.

And I do agree with bin Laden in his statements, that United States acts too much as a "global police". Who gives you the right to do that ?
Isn't that a dictatorship ?

United States is a great nation, in size and power.
What about respect from the world ? Doesn't that count ?
Use your power to make the world free, every nation under their own rules and oppinions.

I know that some muslim groups doesn't feel the same way about freedom... But in their fight to keep USA in the USA, they will always have my full support!


27. Jun 2002 by arlo daunhauer

I think the events that happend on september 11th changed america. We have always been a strong country. We are a strong country because we act as one and can go through anything that anyone puts infront of us. Have hope america!

Payback time

27. Jun 2002 by Tim Christoffersen

I've been a witness to the fact,
that all I can be is me.
There will be no delays today.
This ride is for free.
So I welcome you all aboard...

Be brave, do whatever feels right.
Stand up, step into the light.
I am all that you see, so:

Feel free, listen to your inner voice.
Let go, cuz you don't have a choice.
Be all that you can be, and remember:


20. Jun 2002 by SANDRA SANFORD



19. Jun 2002 by PAT CURTIS

The worst day in modern history

Who is Jason?

13. Jun 2002 by Jason Clark

Great site, love the content and the a lot links you provide. I will tell others about it.


2. Jun 2002 by Jenny Lyttle

This is for those who have faith and hope, Im From Northern Ireland and I Know the feeling of american people, although its hard, the things u see and the things people do, but remember, Hope is the only thing that can help u, I know because i live in a place wheres theres little hope, but never forget hope is all u have and something which will give u alot.


23. May 2002 by Joanne Shaw

I am a 15 yr old girl from England. i was so shocked when the twin towers crashed to the ground. I feel really sorry for all the people who have lost members of their family especially Children who have lost a mum or dad.


23. May 2002 by Vicky Dowling

I live in England i am 15/Girl. I have just started my GCSE course work on conflict and co-oparation and i have chosen to do this on September 11th. i think it is very sad on what has happend, i was out with my friends when this happend, we came in and put the tv on to watch MTV and the news came on. We all was very shocked

My Thoughts

7. May 2002 by Rachelle Player

I live in Australia so far away I could never anagain what happened on this day I am a young woman of 14 so young at heart but these treble men just proved to smart.
I was having a fight with my boyfriend the day before I thought i'd cry for ever more but it was silly the next who would have known I would be so sad my boyfriend came ove together we sat we curled together and cryed on my mum packwork mat. I have scince then grew another year older everyday i still remember how silly i was to fight on the day the whole world will remember.
The point of my story is that the terrible things that happened on that day brought the world together no matter of there differences!

Tragedy On September 11

4. May 2002 by Leanne Fraser

Why Could This Have Happened,On September 11.And I was very pleased to Hear when They Put The Towers Of Light.Because That's where the Twin Towers were Standing.When The Jets hit the Towers.And they collasped to the Ground.

photo of bachelor party wtc-june '01?

4. May 2002 by jay marshall

i visited wtc last june & took a photo of a group on a sat. around noon. the groom had an orange toga & a "ball & chain", & another friend was dressed as a priest. the group was 6 guys & the groom had just been boxing. i'm sure they'd like the photo--if it's you, let me know.

September Statues for the New Millenniun

26. Apr 2002 by Algis Kemezys

Not knowing what else to do, I found myself making statues. Now in retrospect, I know what they are about.

Link to statues>>

just a note of my thoughts

19. Apr 2002 by Tamara  McMulle

I just wanted to say i may very proud of all the people who helped(and are stil continue to help). I am hopfull that one day terrorism will no longer threaten this country, and that well will be able to some how be able to come to terms with what happened on september 11,2001. i believe that we are not given anything that we can't handle, it may be hard but in the end we are stronger because of the hardship we have been through.


19. Apr 2002 by Kaeli O'Mathes

this is amazing, I'm doing a report on whether the september 11th attacks changed America's lives... all the information I need to know is on ONE web page... thank you we all appreciate it!!!!

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