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This update points out sites and stories that deal one way or the other with September 11, 2001 and illustrate the width of the coverage and initiatives. If you would like to point out a site for this weblog mail us the URL and a short description after checking that it is not already included in the log.


11. Sep 2006

The wonderful concept of Wikipedia and the great work so many contributors do in many different languages is fantastic as is. It is also mirrored in Wikipedia-Links to this archive:
Deutsch, Portugese, Italian, Swedish, English (no link)

On archiving September 11

11. Sep 2006

La Presse Affaires discusses archiving the web and in particular sites that started as a result of 9/11. (en francais).

Newspapers rework the collection

5. Sep 2006

Cityweb serves the newspapers of the WAZ group with a September 11 special. We like the way they combined some of the screenshots with papers discussing the work of newspapers around the world on this day. (The Guardian When the Web came of age", Norbert Specker Die Medien im Krisenfall: Weltweite Online-Trends nach dem 11. September 2001).
Here the session report of Interactive Publishing 2001 on a panel with the key people of NYT, Wallstreet Journal, Spiegel, Aftonbladet talking about how they produced their news sites on September 11, 2001.


4. Sep 2006

It is almost the 5th anniversary of 9/11. Still this collection serves many needs and interests. We will ensure that is will still be here 5 years from now.

On preserving the past

30. Sep 2005

In the online diary The New York Times´ Lisa Napoli searches for traces of commemorative sites of September 11. Very often they long have been abandoned.She has found this site however.

Local Newspaper Site

17. Mar 2004

The WTC-site of New York Newsday offers many local angles and a full multimedia section.

Alternative Collection

2. Mar 2004

Znet collects links and voices and essays from a critical spectrum.

Librarians' Index to the Internet

23. Feb 2004

That is the name of the site of links to 89 interesting resources to the September 11 topic.

Artists' statements

17. Dec 2003

Collected by the Krokers on cthory multimedia. Disturbing still.

The Violence of The Global

17. Dec 2003

The French theorist Jean Baudrillard writes here about the role of terrorism in the face of the ever growing globalization. A development that levels everything and sacrifices the singular and the different which in a truly universal attitude would be included. The French original in Le Monde.

Captured online

16. Dec 2003

How did the capture of Saddam come across online? Here a comment by Howard Finberg and the collection of 80+ sites from Poynter.


2. Nov 2003

"Warblog" is a term that surfaced around 9/11 and helped "blogging" to a place in the spotlight. Providing a calmly critical and well informed voice since 2002 is Warblogger.

Pictures and Texts

21. Oct 2003

Excellent site of Canadian broadcaster CBC.

About web collections

9. Oct 2003

As September 11 is a web collection, we were interested to read Lorraine Normore's paper "Studying special collections and the Web: An anlaysis of practice" on First Monday. However, it is a special interest.


11. Sep 2003

Wikipedia is a encyclopedia created by the users. The entry for the terrorist attack provides dozens of relevant links.

Books on September 11

12. Aug 2003

A plethora of publications has hit the stores. For the first anniversary the CS Monitor reviewed some notable efforts. Come back to buy through this link to help offset some of the archive cost.

How Stuff Works

5. Aug 2003

One could question how appropriate it is to have a September 11 section on a site that is named "How Stuff Works". But there it is, short and to the point.

Server watch

28. Jul 2003

What publicly accessible information disappeared from US government servers after September 11?

Open eyed

27. Jul 2003

Articles and views from The Nation on the subject of September 11. A critical perspective.

Archiving the Internet

22. Jul 2003

Of course the question on how to best archive the Internet has sparked many discussions among librarians and scientist. Find a very good collection of relevant links at the Center for Research Libraries

Art Crimes

13. Jul 2003

This graffiti collection site has special pages covering the war in the gulf and September 11

Islamic Studies

20. Jun 2003

From the Learning and Teaching Support Network reaches us the site "Studying Islam after 9-11: Reflections and Resources" with an excellent link list.

Letter to Mr. Gorgoglione

19. Jun 2003

"As the editor of the September 11, Digital Collection I review guest book entries before posting them. Yours you entered on June 11 as:

To all those, who has lost someone, that they truly love, my heart and prayers go out to you all. GOD BLESS AMERICA * WE STAND ABOVE ALL OTHERS

We will not publish the entry because it expresses a position that is degrading to about 97% of the world population, namely all non-Americans who count for 70% of our visitors.

The conviction of "We stand above all others" is what drove most genocides and is responsible for practically every massacre in world history. It is an attitude we try to counter as we keep the Digital Collection online in order to support diversity and co-existence among people.

We will be happy to review and publish an alternate entry.

Best regards, Norbert Specker

Relevant 9/11 sites

29. Apr 2003

ZDnet provides a good overview for relevant sites around September 11. Another good source is this link list

Other perspectives

15. Apr 2003

Critical perspectives coming from inside the US are hard to find, so check out Gregory Palast, an investigative reporter of high reputation who's writing appeared in some of the collected sources. In matters of life and death you can never look too closely.

War in the Gulf

8. Apr 2003

The information war is fought on many levels. We have started a digital collection covering the War in the Gulf. Check front pages before and after the start of the war, special pages and the media logos crafted for it.

How the news was covered

17. Mar 2003

Here is the minute-by-minute account (in German) of Mathias Müller von Blumencron, managing editor of the German Spiegel, on how the story was covered by his publication. Inspired by his appearance at the Interactive Publishing September 11 roundtable.

WTC basics

17. Dec 2002

This site offers details on the World Trade Center (in French).

Archiving the Web

25. Nov 2002

The new Scientist has this interview with Brewster Kahle on archiving web pages asking many of the right questions.

Change direction in mid-course

18. Nov 2002

Many people had to re-orientate because September 11 put their work into a very different light. Alsothis selection of authors who explain how.

German rememberance site

14. Nov 2002

The public broadcaster WDR offers this dedicated site with commentaries, audio, multimedia and broadcasts (in German).


17. Oct 2002

It has been pointed out often - and with every reason - the audio landscape created by the Sonic Memorial is outstanding. Check the Sonicbrowser.


28. Sep 2002

A list of experts and articles from various perspectives at Duke University in North Carolina.

The public and the media

26. Sep 2002

EPN Worldreporter comments on a Pew report looking at the meagre credibility of media. A sad text.

Discussion of Archives

17. Sep 2002

In the Media Guardian this article touches on the many aspects. legal, commercial, general, of archives, such like this.

The report from the trenches

10. Sep 2002

During Interactive Publishing's Content Summit Rich Jaroslovsky, The Wall Street Journal (USA), Mathias Müller von Blumencron, Spiegel Online (Germany), Scott Mayer, (USA) and Kalle Jungkvist, Aftonbladet (Sweden) talked about that day. Session report.

Media Packages

10. Sep 2002

The Wall Street Journal has put together a list of the best online media packages.

The net has no memory

9. Sep 2002

Interview with Norbert Specker about this site in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (in German).

US Editorials

6. Sep 2002

I Want Media with a link list to 9/11 coverage about the coverage in the last year (mainly US, a few from Britain).

Online monuments

5. Sep 2002

Der Spiegel just published a range of links to memorial sites (German).


4. Sep 2002

An outspoken critic and not afraid of confrontation Noam Chomsky talks about how the "story" should be handled.

Search engines under pressure

3. Sep 2002

An article on First Monday looks at search patterns on September 11 and possible consequences for search engines.

Wide range of exhibitions

2. Sep 2002

From the history of skyscrapers to foto galleries of the aftermath the Museum of the City of New York offers a number of interesting exhibitions.

Dust levels

1. Sep 2002

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency has updated its page regarding the lower Manhattan dust cleanup.

Fear instead of knowledge

31. Aug 2002

Not enough perspectives conveyed by the media have been responsible for high fear levels, stereotypes and divisions say experts at this conference in Australia

The Power of Words

30. Aug 2002

Norman Solomon de-constructs the Reuters policy of not using the word "Terrorist" in its coverage.

Book pile

29. Aug 2002

The New York Times looks at the outpour of (American) books linked to the event (registration required).

Chronology of TV coverage

28. Aug 2002

"Broadcasting & Cable" tells the story of 7 TV networks between 8:45 and 11:33 that morning

Amnesty International

27. Aug 2002

The watch dog for human rights. Such an important role and function. There is a special page for the September 11 crisis.

Library Resource

26. Aug 2002

The library resource page of theUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst.

How Americans used the Internet

25. Aug 2002

This report on the internet usage on the day of the attack is dated Sep 15, 2001 and by the Pew Research Center.

Picture selection

24. Aug 2002

Which footage should be shown, which pictures should be held back? US TV executives and their opinions and a story by USAToday

Media Coverage

23. Aug 2002

On the 12th of September 2001 the New York Times looked at the media coverage.

From a German perspective

22. Aug 2002

Die Zeit bundled its articles on the topic between September and Dezember 2001 here (auf Deutsch).


21. Aug 2002

The Poynter Institute for Journalism provides resources, story ideas for journalists and collected voices on how newsrooms in the US have changed.

Boost for chemical labs

20. Aug 2002

In the wake of Anthrax public health facilities experienced high demand for chemical testing. It would be interesting to see if the by-product of identifying self-inflicted environmental toxics will profit from the fear factor.


20. Aug 2002

The law, the trials, the circumstances under which the prisoners of war and other suspects are held in custody are critically examined

Rumors of War

18. Aug 2002

That is the title of the Snopes page dedicated to urban legends following the terrorist acts.

Mapping Damage

17. Aug 2002

The University of Florida is mapping the damage in lower Manhattan and at the Pentagon using various laser technologies.

Sueing rampage

16. Aug 2002

Families of victims are sueing Saudi Arabian banks and princes in a tunnel vision claim that without them September 11 would not have happened.

Loyal Critics

14. Aug 2002

Rudolf Stamm of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung with a detailed comment on the relation between Europe and the US in the last 12 months. Recommended (in English).

Fear Sells

13. Aug 2002

How the U.S. marketing experts for security and disaster devices ride on the wave of fear and how little it matters if the products work or not; this is the story Der Spiegel tells. (Article is written in German. Google translation).

The News Hour

12. Aug 2002

PBS with this page of the Online News Hour.


11. Aug 2002

The need to provide a variety of voices on any issue drives FAIR. Also on this issue.

Meta Index

10. Aug 2002

Loads of links from Haven Works, a meta index.


9. Aug 2002

Wikipedia is a very interesting approach on group publishing. The entry on September 11 is worth a visit.


8. Aug 2002

The Zeitgeist pages that Google prepares to shed some light on people's search queries are interesting at any time. Here the 9/11 breakdown.

Philantropic resources

4. Aug 2002

An extensive list on the New York Regional level.

International Crisis Group

3. Aug 2002

The group issues reports and recommendations with the goal to prevent and contain conflicts. For example in Afghanistan.

German perspective

2. Aug 2002

"Der Spiegel" keeps its page on the "terror and its consequences" updated (in German)


1. Aug 2002

"Based in London with a global outlook, our ambition is to champion unorthodox, enlightened thinking". Take them up on it and check the After Sep. 11 coverage.

Global approach

31. Jul 2002

With a view beyond the border Global Exchange looks at conflicts involving civilian victims.

Safety First

30. Jul 2002

Families of September 11 have the interests of victims' families and prevention of terrorism on the agenda (safety first). See also July 12th entry for a different angle.

Government Documents

29. Jul 2002

Yale lists and links to press conferences, remarks, radio briefings from government sources on a dedicated Sept. 11 page.

Reporting strategies

28. Jul 2002

Poynter educates journalists and news room managers. Here is a collection of worthy examples, working considerations and practical tips on reporting in a crisis.

Harassement at the work place

27. Jul 2002

The legal steps to prevent harassment and discrimination at the work place based on religion and national origins. Somebody thought about updating the policies.


26. Jul 2002

Sometime life is banal. Like "What have been the effects of the events of September 11, 2001 on BLS data?" (Bureau of Labor

The Bloggers' View

25. Jul 2002

It is not undivided. The collected voices - through a nomination process of Septemeber 11 blog entries - is scheduled to appear in a book.

Resource List

24. Jul 2002

Straight forward from Michigan: here is the History, Art and Libraries Department with a well organized resource list.

Images from Ground Zero

23. Jul 2002

That is the name of Joel Meyerowitz' photo exhibition that is touring the world from Manila to London, from Dar Es Salaam to Damascus.

Human Rights

22. Jul 2002

Human rights must be watched because too often they fall victim to other "considerations". The HRW does the watch and tell in the aftermath of September 11.

Archiving September

21. Jul 2002

Not with 9/11 in particular but with the challenges of Archiving the World Wide Web deals Peter Lynmans overview.

Fighting terror networks

20. Jul 2002

Le Monde Diplomatique takes a shot at (im)possible strategies (in English).

Social Sciences

19. Jul 2002

Treasure cove of essays from social scientists around the world offering a wider view, also on the nature of conflicts. With topics like "Competing Narratives" - or why and how we all see things differently.

Security obsession

18. Jul 2002

The Register speaks up on software making the world more secure - a world for which we, as imperfect human beings, are obviously the ultimate risk factors.

Citizen Spies

17. Jul 2002

From the Sydney Herald down under a look at the planned domestic informant system TIPS. Time to re-read Fahrenheit 451 ( as e-Book ).

View from space

17. Jul 2002

After the fotos capturing the attacks, space imaging has a picture from space of the cleanup.

The EU position

16. Jul 2002

Regular updates on the EU position concerning terrorism and the ways it should be dealt with. Check also the European Union's broad response.

Invitation to take part in psychological study

15. Jul 2002

The Unversity of Potsdam, N.Y. conducts a web study entitled "World Trade Center Stories". Arlene Stillwell, Associate Professor of Psychology, invites you to tell your story and how you were affected (anonymity ensured).


15. Jul 2002

Snopes concerns itself with urban legends and hoaxes. Like Jasmine's false but heartbreaking chain letter of a September 11 orphan.

Daily update

14. Jul 2002

The Times Union of Aspen (USA) keeps the September page fresh with a couple of headlines a day.

Another update from Southafrica

13. Jul 2002

This time it is theIndependent Online (subsidiary of Independent News & Media)

Pearl remembered

12. Jul 2002

London friends and colleagues of the murdered Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl, will hold a jam session in his memory on Sunday July 14.

Peace makers

12. Jul 2002

Founded by members of victims' families Peaceful Tomorrows offers a non-violent perspective on reactions towards terrorism.

Out of the loop

12. Jul 2002

September 11, 2001 on the south pole.

Global Terrorism

11. Jul 2002

The Guardian keeps an irregular update on the media response on global terrorism.
On its September 11 page the latest entry dates from April 15th (as per today).

Keeping tabs on the issue

10. Jul 2002

News.24 from Southafrica still updates its "Post September 11" page with news items.

Lesson plans

9. Jul 2002

More "tools" for educators and parents authored by Families and Work Institute.

Responsive art

9. Jul 2002

The National Council Against Censorship is inviting artistic responses to 9/11.

Anniversary lesson plans

9. Jul 2002

Lesson plans for multiple grade levels from the NEA Health Information Network


9. Jul 2002

The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) received a summit award for their September 11 support work by the American Society of Association Executives (ASEA).

Transnational news audience

9. Jul 2002

The British Film institute is holding a conference on September 9-11 on TV News and Transnational Audiences in the wake of 9/11.


9. Jul 2002

A short overview on opinions and amounts regarding September 11 donations. (Non Profit Times)

Memorial ideas

9. Jul 2002

The City of new York is asking for memorial ideas (until July 31st, 2002)

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