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September 11 | Soccer Worldcup 2002

The Digital Collection is a project of Interactive Publishing GmbH and is creating dynamic exhibitions of web pages. The goal is to capture internet moments along various topic and date lines.

The first exhibition, September 11 came to be an important resource. The basic group of 130 screen shots captured by Norbert Specker has grown to 230 with the help of many contributors. As of September 1st, 2002, 400'000 visitors have looked at 4 Mio. exhibits since the collection went online. (This not for profit venture is looking for patrons with a long term perspective. Please contact us if you wish to learn more or consult the FAQ.)

In the summer of 2002 The Digital Collection created Worldcup 2002 which served as a test case for a more flexible and sophisticated tool. The collection encompasses almost 5000 screen shots of match reports from 250 publications in 17 languages.

With the War in the Gulf The Digital Collection offers front pages and logos from sites around the world as a research tool. The collection started with the war in Iraq.

The tool to create these and other exhibitions and research or marketing research projects is provided by Catchup Communications AG.

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