The Digital Collection Tool

In the last 12 months Catchup Communciations AG has developed a tool to collect, index and comment screenshots of websites together with Bureau Taktik.

This collection process can be moderated, the workload can be managed and the tool eases collaborative approaches.

The database allows for the sorting and displaying of those screenshot along parameters that can be freely chosen.

  • September 11 is a result

  • So is World Cup 2002 with more than 5000 screenshots from 250 publications in 17 languages

  • Another project might be the election day in your country

  • The coverage and special logos during the War in the Gulf are such a project.

  • As are the Front Pages Today (in Beta).

  • The tool has served to document and comment the worldwide online coverage (publishing elements, strategies, marketing) of an event for a marketing agency

  • For a media company we used it to document the subscription process of many international media sites to determine best practice

The tool is provided on an ASP (application service providing) base. We need to know the parameters before we can provide a quote.

If you have a project that could profit from our Digital Collection Tool, we invite you to contact Norbert Specker (a short outline and telefon contact options are appreciated).

For further requests regarding consulting and benchmarking please visit Catchup Communciations

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