Structuring Change

On Change - Columns

The new generation of publishing executives
How change is depending on people who are not afraid
How change happens to us
How change creeps up on us and then jumps at us like a genie from a bottle
Change Patterns
How there is a difference between plotting a new course and changing the rhythm
Reading the signs
How change is a state of perception that allows your company to recognize good ideas when they are presented to you - as they always will.
Being part of it
How a new system was installed and how staff applauded all the way along to change.
Newspapers: The connecting people business MOST POPULAR
How the social networking competence newspaper use offline has eluded them in the networked world.
The speed of change
How we overestimate the speed of change - and underestimate the effect of new media.
Change back to personality
How the news flow washes over everything and only obstinate, erect, choosey media offerings can give orientation.
Local search menace
How local search will take away retail advertising revenue and why Newspapers need to see this change coming.
Transactions is the new advertising NEW
How advertising combined with transactions is a key strategic growth area for newspapers that offers successful and proven models.

These columns have first appeard in the IDEA Magazine of the INMA (International Newspaper Marketing Association).

Based on our work with 20 online executives in the spring of 2003 (IP Zurich Report) we prepared the title story for the March edition called "Integrated Publishing: Are you coming along?".

The response was encouraging and we committed to further explore the key elements for an ongoing culture of change among newspapers.

After all, we have been in the center of change for the last 10 years so we might be able to help the industry with analysis and insights.

All rights remain with Norbert Specker. If you want to reprint or republish these columns we are very much honoured. Please contact us to let us know the details.


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