Introducing Change

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The ability to induce, monitor and encourage change is a key qualification for leaders today.

Structuring Change
For the INMA (International Newspaper Marketing Association) IDEA-magazine IDEA Interactive Publishing is writing 10 columns on change from August 2003 - June 2004 (also in Spanish).

IP Masters 2004
The next executive meeting is planned for the Spring of 2004. It will focus on change and media integration in newspaper companies . If you think you fit in let us know.
(Last years group of executives).

Change Management Tools
Together with nextpractice GmbH we offer the methods and experience developed by change management guru Prof. Dr. Peter Kruse.

In change processes the hardest success factors are the soft facts.

Nextexpertizer makes the soft facts that guide and influence key decisions visible - and by doing that allows for structural change.

Nextmoderator is an excellent tool to bring the combined business intelligence that resides in your company out in the open and make it truly accessible to achieve the goals of the organization.

Interactive Publishing has employed these management tools successfully during IP Top (since 1999) and for the IP Masters. They resulted in what Bruno Patino of Le Monde interactif described as "one of the most ineresting meetings I have ever attended". See the unique, 3-D visualization of the results (based on nextexpertizer).

The formal result was the IP Zurich Report

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