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The key strategic issues for online publishers 2003-2005.
Case studies of successful business ideas and concepts to tackle the key challenges.

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"A fascinating outcome" (Steve Outing, E&P)
"An excellent way to focus the agenda", (Neil Budde, Former managing editor, The Wall Street Journal) from "one of the most interesting meetings I ever participated in" (Bruno Patino,
CEO, Le Monde interactif)

Interactive Publishing invited the people responsible for the online activities of leading content sites in the world for a "pre-competitive" meeting in Zurich.
The goal was to speed up the industry know-how and save months on development costs.
The assembled leaders recognized that this exercise was of great value and helped them decisively in developing their business.
This is the extensive report about this meeting. So all the information that became available to the assembled industry leaders is now also available to you.
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The group is convinced that only 25 to 30 % of the online potential is realized.
Learn how they will realize the other 70%.

Intiator: Norbert Specker | Think tank members: Simon Waldman (Director of Digital Publishing, The Guardian) | Mathias Müller von Blumencron (Managing Editor, Spiegel online) | Bruno Patino (Managing Director, Le Monde interactif) | Derek Fattal (Director Internet Business Development, Ha'aretz | Julie Rutherford (Director Internet Services, International Herald Tribune) | Otto Sjøberg (Publisher, Expressen Online) | Neil Budde (Former Editor Interactive Edition, The Wall Street Journal ) | Jan Lamers (Uitgeversbedrijf, Vice President European Newspaper Publishers' Association) | Torry Pedersen (Manging Director/Editor-in-Chief, Verdens Gang Multimedia) | Meredith Artley (Former Associate Editor, nytimes.com, now International Herald Tribune online) | Frank Gaube (Manging Editor, F.A.Z. Electronic Media GmbH/Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) | Wolfgang Frei (Executive Director New Media, Neue Zürcher Zeitung/NZZ) | Anna Masera (Managing Editor, La Stampa Online) | Marcel Sennhauser (Managing Director Online, Tamedia) |Niels Roine (Vice President, 20 minutes holding) | Roselien Huisman (Publisher Automobil Revue Espace media) Bent Nordbo (Director Business Development, Aftenposten Multimedia) | Steve Yelvington (VP Strategy and Content, Morris Digital Works Morris Communications) | Claes Toft Nielsen (Director Internet, Politiken)

Published by: Interactive Publishing GmbH
Publication date: February 3rd, 2003

Available in instant-view-and-print PDF copy, or printed and bound hard copy that ships in 24 hours or less (after February 3rd).

This is the definitive report on news and general interest publishers and their strategic outlook for 2003 to 2005.

What would the best brains of the industry do in your shoes? (See also Table of contents).
We want to provide you with the answer to this question. With an understanding of the general direction, its reasons, challenges and remedies.

20 high profile decision makers of the online publishing industry met in Zurich in January 2003 for two intensive days to discuss the future of the online publishing business. (Meet the experts).
They represent over 200 years of experience in the online publishing field and are -as you are - faced with a substantial market downturn. In a period of change, at a threshold to an uncertain future these outstanding experts developed a vision of their industry based on the realities of the leading publishing brands. They offered their best business ideas, their true assessment of the future of online publishing and explained how they plan to get there.

Interactive Publishing GmbH is publishing the results of this executive think tank to provide publishers, online media producers, managing editors and marketing executives as well as the supplying industries with an insiders analysis of the economic and market dynamics that are developing. These dynamics will shape the future marketplace. The report provides insights into the strategic framework and the key implementation challenges facing online publishers. This will assist the planning, implementation and communication of business strategies in global, European and national media markets.

Key questions
What are the key strategic areas that the industry should concentrate on to benefit from its internet investments up to date?
Which of those areas will offer the best long term return on investment and should be the prime long term target?
What are the key implementation steps to ensure a sustainable business?
What are the steps to be taken to ensure better revenues right now?
What are the 15 best business ideas the group executed last year?
What are the arguments and the reasons for those key areas?
How is the market development affecting the competitiveness of media producers?
What impact has the development of the advertising industry on the online field in the next 3-24 months?
What can be done to improve advertising revenue?
What role will online really play?
What are the implications of a significant paid content market developing?
How does the free vs. paid perspective influence development?

Publication date: January 2003
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