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What is the best result you could expect of a meeting of key industry leaders who are concerned about the future of the online content and publishing business?

To gain unrestricted access to the market assessment of these leaders. An assessment that is based on their extensive experience and high affinity to the interactive market place.

To gain a deep understanding of the visions and the beliefs, the preparations and the strategic decisions that are determining the actions of these leaders in the next 12-18 months.

We are confident to deliver on this best case scenario. We will be able to tell the story of the online publishing industry exactly as the 25 leaders see it develop over the next two years.

What better base for your business decisions could be provided?

Help will come from Prof. Dr. Peter Kruse and his crew of Nextpractice. The two tools used for the executive meeting are nextexpertizer and nextmoderator.

1 Nextexpertizer
Whoever makes decisions, requires a wide fundament of information and soon realizes that hard facts alone are not sufficient. The hardest success factors, especially in future oriented processes, are the soft facts. For their professional analysis, the software tool nextexpertizer was developed. It uncovers the complex assessment patterns and the intuitive knowledge of the interviewees in a surprisingly easy manner. Each interviewee answers using his or her own terminology so that even the finest nuances in the meaning will be taken into account. At the same time, nextexpertizer features all the advantages of a statistical method. A high processing speed quickly leads to clear results. The unique comparability of the individual attitudes and assessments allows for a group vision of our network of leaders. At the same time and due to the manifold methods of evaluation, insights into a whole spectrum of decision-relevant aspects are given. (An example is the international judging we have undertaken for the last three years when determining the IP Top awards. See the explanation on our partner site .

2 Nextmoderator
Based on the results of nextexpertizer we will tackle the most striking issues of the group vision and search for practical guidelines and steps.
The efficient handling of information as well as the networking of creativity and expert knowledge, are the key demands for this part of the meeting. The nextmoderator software tool saves time and offers a multitude of possibilities of working precisely within a network in live workshops. Nextmoderator allows for the swift and efficient exchange of ideas between our participants. These original contributions can be easily bundled into topic focal points for assessment. Mutual topics are quickly recognized and processed. As the moderation and the documentation is always simultaneous, participants reach a deep level of analysis within the shortest possible time, analysis which is accessible and can be included in the report.

Interactive Publishing has successfully worked with Peter's award winning team since 1999. The methods and tools employed are used by companies such as Daimler, ABB, Otto, Deutsche Bank, Metro or Credit Suisse in their strategy assessment and international networking.


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