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5. Sep 2006
Let me point you to a conference that promises to be a very interesting compilation of many digital trends. PIC NIC will take place from Sep. 27 to 29 in Amsterdam. Monique van Dusseldorp who has been active as an organizer of many events, also here at Interactive Publishing, has been involved and from what I can make out, the mix of speakers includes the very early to the very timely of actors on this stage. It should be possible to get a glimpse of the early fun. Check it out!

31. Oct 2005
Cauthorn, Riefler, von Dusseldorp
Interactive Publishing Conference veterans Bob Cauthorn (now engaged in Citytools), Monique van Dusseldorp (for ever organzing internet events) and Katja Riefler (very busy with mandates within the German newspaper industry) wondered aloud, if it were not the time, to re-animate the Interactive Publishing Conference. We would love to get the next wave of newspaper metamorphosis going. Let us know, if you'd be interested as well...

4. Jun 2005
IP Zurich Report
The IP Zurich report is now available for $89 (ca. 80 Euro). See what 20 of the top online newspaper executives had to say about the future of online publishing.

25. Apr 2004
On Change
Latest change column by Norbert Specker is on Transaction is the new advertising

15. Mar 2004
Content Manifesto
10 statements (August 2000) on the development of content revisited.

20. Oct 2003
Iraq coverage and logos
The digital collection and a short analysis . Check for example the special section logos (predefined keywords in the search mask).

1. Sep 2003
Other Digital Collections
Front Pages Today (Beta-Version), September 11 and FIFA World Cup 2002. Set up with Digital Collection Tool.

15. May 2003
In deutscher Sprache
Aktuell: Für 290 Euro ist die deutschsprachige Version des IP Zürich Reports ist verfügbar. Lernen Sie die Pläne der führenden Verlagshäuser kennen und stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihr Unternehmen auf dem richtigen Weg ist. 290 Euro bzw. 230 Euro für Mitglieder der unterstützenden Organisationen.

6. Mar 2003
They said advertisers needed better lobbying
IP Masters participants Patino (Le Monde) and von Blumencron (Spiegel) were named president and vicepresident of OPA Europe (Online Publishers Association Europe).
They echo a key finding of the IP Zurich Report that it is very important to provide advertisiers with better tools to make a decision to put their money online - and to seek international cooperation. Congrats to the move, IP Masters players!

5. Feb 2003
Report ready!
What will the online publishing industry look like two to three years from now? And why will it be so strong? The strategic report based on a two day think tank with the leaders of the online publishing industry is ready. It reveals their convictions, their beliefs and their key strategic decisions. They exchanged their best. Be part of it!
Buy the IP Zurich Report.

13. Feb 2003
Report in the press
Steve Outing in Editor & Publisher, Alain Egli in Persönlich (in German) are the most recent.

6. Feb 2003
FREE Summary available
A four page summary (PDF-Download: deutsche Version, english) of the IP Zurich Report and the key perspectives and convictions of leading online publishers is available for free.

6. Feb 2003
70% of revenue potential untapped
Press releases (english/deutsch) on the IP Zurich Report and the key developments in online publishing 2003 - 2005.

20. Jan 2003
Free Executive Summary - IP Zurich Report (Update)
The Executive Roundtable on January 16/17, 2003, dubbed IP Masters, was an instant success. Kicked off by Prof. Peter Kruse (CEO, Nextpractice) and led by Norbert Specker (Founder, Interactive Publishing GmbH), who put the round together, the group of 20 international online publishing leaders produced a wealth of ideas and visions. We look very much forward to the resulting IP Zurich report scheduled for February 3rd which will allow you to profit from this outstanding exchange of benchmarks and experiences.

"One of the most interesting meetings I ever participated in", " If anything, I would have liked it to have gone on a bit longer", "very valuable meeting, many ideas, no fear of competition, open dialogue, impressive and valuable technology, well organised", "a lot of thoughts and ideas to take home with" are just a few of the comments on the feedback form from our group which included:

Simon Waldman (Director of Digital Publishing, The Guardian, UK)
Derek Fattal (Director Internet Business Development, Ha'aretz, IL)
Mathias Müller von Blumencron (Managing Editor, Spiegel online, Germany, Interview 5/12 NZZ)
Julie Rutherford (Director of Internet Services, International Herald Tribune, France)
Meredith Artley(Until November Associate Editor-in-Chief, NYT.com now editor with IHT.com, Strategy NYT for IHT)
Otto Sjøberg (Publisher, Expressen Online, Sweden)
Bruno Patino (CEO, Le Monde interactif, France)
Neil Budde (Former Editor Interactive Edition, The Wall Street Journal, USA - Interview 2/12, E&P)
Jan Lamers (Uitgeversbedrijf, Vice President European Newspaper Publishers' Association, Belgium)
Torry Pedersen (Manging Director/Editor-in-Chief, Verdens Gang Multimedia, Norway)
Frank Gaube (Manging Editor, F.A.Z. Electronic Media GmbH/Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany)
Wolfgang Frei (Executive Director New Media, Neue Zürcher Zeitung/NZZ, Switzerland)
Anna Masera (Managing Editor, La Stampa Online, Italy)
Marcel Sennhauser (Managing Director Online, Tamedia, Switzerland)
Niels Roine (Vice president, 20 Minutes Holding, Norway/Switzerland)
Bent Nordbo (Director Business Development, Aftenposten Multimedia, Norway)
Steve Yelvington (VP Strategy and Content, Morris Digital Works Morris Communications, USA)
Roselien Huisman, Publisher, Automobil Revue, Espace media, Switzerland
Claes Toft Nielsen (Director Internet Politiken (Denmark)

Get on the infolist so we can let you know when we are ready with the report and so you will receive a FREE Executive Summary. Or get more background on the unique method and the approach.

15. Dec 2002
Freshly hatched
Our new site just saw the light of day. So forgive any short comings you might encounter. Better even: let us know so we can change them right away! Thank you for your interest.

22. Oct 2002
Michel Colonna D'Istria passed away
Belatedly the news reached us that in August Michel Colonna D'Istria who was on the Interactive Publishing board of advisers drowned during his vacations in Banuyls, at just 44. He leaves his wife and three children. During his two speaker appearances at the conference, Michel exhibited his charm with engaging, lively and enthusiastic talks. A true pioneer of the online news industry in France, he led the interactive efforts of both La Libération as well as Le Monde. Michel offered his help and advice with no restraints and he had been a very supporting force for us since 1994. I am grateful to have criss-crossed paths with this lovely man and très, très triste to never have the chance to do so again...

4. Oct 2002
Interactive Publishing Conference Leap Year
Norbert Specker and Bettina Tamo of Interactive Publishing have talked to many online publishers and content producers in the last weeks. The analysis was straightforward: our key clientele is under enormous pressure . The chances to do the usual ambitious conference this year without substantially losing money are remote. We consequently decided that the conference Interactive Publishing will not take place this winter as well as Content Summit. Call it a leap year.

IP Zurich Report: From interactive publishers for interactive publishers

But we feel there is a need and an obligation to reaffirm and reevaluate some of our core believes. We will use this leap year to produce the best industry assessment and provide the best integration strategy paper possible.

Our extended board of advisers will meet in Zurich on January 16/17, 2003. With the help of our unique assessment tool Nextexpertizer we will capture, aggregate and visualize the group genius of the key exponents in this market.

The IP Zurich Report will offer answers to the question:
"What are the key strategic directions of the interactive/integrated publishing industry and what are the immediate and middle term steps to implementation".

The people who will offer these answers as one voice are invited because they are very special movers in this industry. Everybody has an extensive past and presence with the responsibility to make digital channels work, either as an integrated or a stand alone venture. They all enjoy an industry wide respect that is based on high visibility with mostly sound strategic decisions in important media houses over many years. Experience, integrity and curiosity is what unites them.

If you want to make sure that we notify you as soon as the report is available please get on the infolist.

11. Jul 2002
Passion for the Reader
Last year Norbert Specker of Content Summit/Interactive Publishing was invited to the yearly conference of the International Press Institute in Dehli (IPI). The statement covers the development of online media since 1994 and the key role editorial positions and the passion for the reader play. Also check out the statements of the other panelists ;David Mazzarella; former President, Gannett International / Ashok Alexander Director, McKinsey & Company / Ajit Balakrishnan CEO, Rediff.com / Werner Funk, Publisher, Stern / Christopher Gasson Publishing Broker, Bertoli Mitchell.

20. Jun 2002
World Cup 2002 in perspective
The World Cup and its online coverage will be an interesting topic at the next Interactive Publishing conference. It has been the biggest online event so far. With ramifications for marketing, user involvement, infographics, story telling. We have started The Digital Collection and are capturing thousands of screenshots and offering a a world wide perspective on this phenomenal sports event in 15 languages.

10. Apr 2002
Pulitzer for Wall Street Journal
Those who were present at the roundtable covering the events of September 11 from the online news perspective will remember the memorable account by Rich Jaroslovsky, senior editor and former managing editor of Wall Street Journal online. On his way to the office he was stopped because he just missed the last ferry to Manhattan. The newsroom is just across the WTC and was completely destroyed during the morning. Under the spell of the tragedy for a while it looked as if the next day - for the first time in its history - would not see a printed Wall Street Journal.
Then Rich and his colleagues pulled together and managed to produce a complete newspaper with most of the normal infrastructure missing. For this effort that Jaroslovsky described in detail at Interactive Publishing just weeks after the event, the Wall Street Journal just received the renowned Pulitzer award.

11. Mar 2002
Screenshots visited by 1200 people a day; 4000 on March 11
The history part of Interactive Publishing is finding a growing audience. The September 11 Screenshots of 200 online news sites from around the world are visited by an average of 1200 people each day (February 2002) and they look at 10 pages each. On March 11 traffic surged to 4000 visitors and 40'000 page views. The site has been featured by hundreds of sites among them USA Today, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, La Repubblica, Wired and a host of weblogs, memorial and academic sites.

13. Nov 2001
Presentations and Session Reports Online
For the presentations und session summaries of Content Summit 01 check the programme pages:

Wednesday Nov 7 with a look at Bell Globe Media, an interview with SFGate's Bob Cauthorn, Bonnier's Deirdre O'Callaghan with a case study, Martin Radelfinger's excellent analysis of the advertising dilemma, Newsplayer CEO Paul Duffon with a look at the industry and the Telegraph's Marketing Director Hugo Drayton and his relationship concept with advertisers.
Thursday Nov 8 with the subscription riddle and solutions proposed by Breakingviews' Rob Cox and Salon's CEO Michael O'Donnell. The blueprint case study of the nytimes.com as presented by general manager Scott Meyer. The success story of Netavvisen with Knut Ivar Skeid, a look at the results of a very recent credibility study presented by the Wall Street Journal's Rich Jaroslovsky. Finally the wrap-up of an outstanding panel with Mathias Müller von Blumencron, editor-in-chief Spiegel Online, Kalle Jungkvist, editor-in-chief of Aftonbladet New Media in Sweden, Scott Meyer and Rich Jaroslovsky on the question: what is different within the online news industry after September 11?
Friday Nov 9 with great presentations of visual displays and interfaces by Martin Dodge and Prof. Joachim Sauter, a very interesting discussion on the business models proposed to finance content with Scandinavia Online CEO Birger Steen and VP Content of Terra Lycos Raphael Bonnelly, a candid look at micro payments with AutoScout24 CEO, Peter Schmid and an excursion into search engine territory with Gunnar Krüger.

All session reports provide also additional links and resources.

8. Nov 2001
Content Summit: Quotes of the day
Day one, 7 November 2001
"Content alone is not king. Content plus interactivity is king. The secret is applications, not publication."
Bruce Annan, Bell Globe Media

"Don’t underestimate email marketing. It isn’t sexy, it’s not glamorous. But it’s effective—it lands in people’s mailbox first thing every morning."
Deirdre O’Callaghan, Bonnier Media

"Every type of content will be digitized, legally or illegally. The question is not whether we like that or not. It’s a fact. And if no competitive legal offer is made, then piracy will take over."
Gerd Leonhard, licencemusic.com

"I do think about cutting-edge technologies, but only on my own time. A lot of media companies have wasted a hell of a lot of money trying to be technology drivers, and quite often they ended up with blood on their faces."
Hugo Drayton, Hollinger Telegraph New Media

2. Nov 2001
Subscription: Salon and Breakingviews
Two content sites that introduced a subscription based business model in the last 10 months were Salon, the online publishing pioneer based in San Francisco and Breakingviews, the UK based financial news service founded by former FT columnist Hugo Dixon. On Thursday morning, November 8, we will have Rob Cox, assistant editor and a founding member of the edtorial board of Breakingviews telling us the subscription story from England. He will be followed by an exclusive video interview that George Shirk, Eitor-in-Chief of Wired News conducts with Michael O'Donnell, CEO of Salon for Interactive Publishing. An exciting start to and exciting day!

1. Nov 2001
With micro payments en route to macro pay outs
here has been a market for micro payment solutions as long as the internet went mainstream. At Interactive Publishing in 1995 Toby Chaum of Digicash presented what was at the time the real hot solution. Alas, those solutions never attained critical mass and we have not heard from Toby since. The recent change in perspective puts micro payment solutions in the spotlight again. At the German branch of AutoScout24 the first year of charging for additional classifieds features brought in almost 1 Mio. DM (ca. Euro 500K). That was using just one solution. The plans and the consumers call for additional payment options (by phone, by card). As before, the main hurdle is the non existing critical mass of consumers who have committed to any one system. (AutoScout24 Germany CEO Peter Schmid will share the system selection process, first year experience and strategic consequences on Nov. 9)

24. Oct 2001
Von Blumencron/Spiegel.de at Sep 11 Panel
We are happy to announce Matthias Mueller von Blumencron, the editor-in-chief of Spiegel Online to take part in the "Facts& Fiction: Media coverage in crisis time" Panel on November 8.
He will join Rich Jaroslovsky of the Wall Street Journal and Scott Meyer, General Manager of New York Times (nytimes.com). Additional key personal in the makes, stay tuned!

10. Oct 2001
Credibility and actuality
Rich Jaroslovsky's apperance doubly valuable
When we invited Rich Jaroslosvky earlier this year to talk about the credibility study conducted by the Online News Association due in October, we had no idea on how pressing the issue would become a few weeks later. In the wake of the September 11 attacks hoaxes and rumors mushroomed through the internet and ever faster found their way into the print and the broadcast world. We are glad that Rich will also join the panel "Facts & fiction: multimedia coverage in crisis time". As many of you will know the Wall Street Journal's offices were unusable after the attack and the paper as well as the website had to be prepared by staff wildly dispersed in the New York area. Until this summer Rich was the managing editor of the Wall Street Journal online. In combination with his stature as a senior editor and the high recognition he enjoys throughout the industry, his presence at Content Summit will be a great enrichment to an ambitious conference. A conference that recognizes the online media industry has done an outstanding job in the last weeks, The first true test revealed incredible strengths - and some avoidable mistakes. But above all it put a spotlight on key elements of successful content and we want to make sure the whole industry can learn from them.

4. Oct 2001
Screenshots: traffic surges
The searchable collection of screenshots compiled by Interactive Publishing in preparation for the Content Summit 01 generates unexpected interest. The pictures of online news sites during the September 11/12 period recorded in the last two weeks an average of 2'000 pageviews a day. Tuesday traffic surged to 4'500 pagviews and stood at 16'500 on Wednesday, October 3rd.

13. Sep 2001
Terrorist Attack Coverage: Topic at CS01
Online news industry's biggest test will be reflected in the updated programming of the content conference/8th Interactive Publishing.
Monitoring of the online activity over the critical days revealed weaknesses and strengths within the online content industry that we need to discuss. Please stay tuned for an update on when the session will be scheduled and who will participate. In the meantime check the screenshot collection of online news sites in the wake of the attack: "September".

3. Sep 2001
Meet the profitable local newspaper site
How Bob Cauthorn makes SFgate.com shine
This short report appeared in our Content Newsletter Special Issue for Content Summit on Sep 4 (to receive the newsletter Get on the infolist):

It is August 14 on a sunny San Francisco day. Two weeks into a new building, the SFgate.com staff of 59 - for the first time - is sitting under one roof. The airy offices reflect ambitious plans. And so they should.
When Robert Cauthorn, Vice President for Digital Media took SFgate over middle of 2000, the company was losing very substantial money every week. By the end of this month, it will be profitable....and then some more.
When Hearst bought the Chronicle last year, part of the deal was: No lay-offs in the online department. So how is that for additional handicap? The turn-around was achieved without laying off one single person. And in the worst possible times since the start of the commercial internet.
SFgate found solid ground when the job classified section underwent major restructuring. "We just tried to best match the needs of job seekers and companies offering positions" says Deb Ward, who is the online classified manager, "the success mainly is due to a change of attitude".
The fact that the job market is just the first key element among a range of other planned redesigns, makes Robert Cauthorn very confident: "Newspaper have won! We have won!" he exclaims as he goes through the plans, additions and innovations. "We have to aspire to our local market, a market still largely untapped. Too much energy has been wasted to attract the big national advertisers - and too little thinking and care about 'Main Street', the local partners."Bob showed exciting new strategies with display ads that certainly will make a mark on the industry and his appearance on Nov. 7 will see the first update on how the concept is catching on - also hear first hand what practical steps Bob has taken to turn around this venture.

15. Aug 2001
Another try at charging for content
Salon.com under the editorial direction of Dave Talbot (Dave spoke at IP in 1997) has been going through roughly 60 Mio $ since its launch in 1995. On the death watch list for a while, President and CEO Michael O'Donnell (scheduled to speak in Zurich on November 8, 2001) in a fifth financing round recently secured 2.5 Mio $. He is under strict directives to get the venture break even until the end of the year. When we talked to him on August 14 he outlined a strategy that is a combination of subscription and advertising revenue. So far 12'000 subscribers at an average 33$ have yielded to the seduction of added value and no ads. Projected advertising sales of +5 Mio. $ and some serious efforts in cost-cutting have Michael cautiously optimistic. As WIRED news editor-in-chief George Shirk later in the day states "I am sad that so few pure online quality publications are making it". By November we will have more telling results and the detailed account of the particular approach in the 'from free to fee' strategy that many content providers contemplate.
In the meantime you might want to get your hands on the Salon "Wanderlust"-book (another revenue stream Michael is pursuing) that features excellent travel writings. Among which Carlos Fuentes' account of his first visit to Zurich seems a perfect fit for your travel plans this fall...

11. Aug 2001
Licencing and Packaging - Two Sides of Same Coin
Music has dominated the discussion in the peer-to-peer and copyright sphere. Music as Film is produced with a very complex and varied distribution chain in mind. A piece of music has many more than the proverbial "7 lives of content", as we dubbed the session on content recycling on Monday, Nov. 7. We want to know, what strategic conclusions online publishers and content providers can draw from the converging music and documentary industry. Meet Gerd Leonhard, CEO of LicenceMusic.com and Paul Duffon, CEO of Newsplayer Group. Both will offer unexpected angles to content packaging and selling strategies.

7. Aug 2001
The ISP Door
The big international ISPs like the "T-Trimuvirat" Terra, Tiscali,T-Online or Scandinavia Online and AOL to a large extend are dominating distribution (the key strategic advantage of newspapers in the analog world). The extensive customer relationships put them in a position to better figure out payment options for content. While their gatekeeper role has an influence on distribution options for content, the international scope offer them unprecedented experience in content localization. These and other topics will be at the center of out "THE ISP Door" session of Friday morning, November 9th. We are looking forard to having with us the VP Content for Terra Lycos, Rafael Bonnelly and Scandinavia CEO, Birger Steen.

3. Aug 2001
Accidental Publishers
Gerry McGovern of NUA fame to aid "new publishers"
On the net everybody is a publisher. Does it not make good sense then, to look at best publishing practices to do it right? Gerry McGovern has been on the desktop of most early business adopters through his NUA Internet Surveys. Now he is also the author of two books on content management: Content Critical and The Web Content Style Guide (Financial Times Prentice Hall). His workshop will offer actionable advise and guidance for publishers who were not publishers just a little while ago. The Master Series workshop will take place on Thursday, Nov 8, in the morning

2. Aug 2001
Cheap? Unreliable? Open Source Content Management
Michael Wechner, CEO/CTO, Wyona
The NZZ invested in an open source content managment system put together by Michael. He has proven a last years conference, that he can get across the ins and outs of this topic in a fun and sensible way. This workshop will leave you with the decision making tools you need to weigh the benefits and downsides and how to assess them. On Wednesday, Nov. 7, in the afternoon.

1. Aug 2001
Up to 2 Mio. Euro funding for your content project
Stig Marthinsen in a Know-How Workshop
The eContent programme of the EC will just have opened the second round of calls for projects at the beginning of November. Funding of up to 2 Mio. Euro per project is available. This free workshop will take place over lunch on Thursday, November 8. In addition you can voice your interest for short (10. Min.) bilateral talks with Stig Marthinsen after the workshop.

31. Jul 2001
Credibility is Brand is Money?
Rich Jaroslovsky, Senior Editor, Wall Street Journal
Since 1994 until last month Rich has been the Managing Editor of the Wall Street Journal. And what a ride it has been. Resuming responsiblities as senior editor and as president of the online news association, Rich is in a unique position to offer strategies and direction in structuring and maintaining the editorial quality in a multi-channel environment. Additional information will flow from the "Credibility Study" that will be fresh of the presses (if you are a media worker - print, broadcast or web - please participate until Aug 3 here)
Rich Jaroslavsky will be presenting and discussing on Nov. 8.

30. Jul 2001
How to make money with subscription?
Anne Holland, CEO, ContentBiz
Big sites such as WSJ.com, eDiets, ConsumerReports.org, CinemaNow.com and Ancetry.com, as well as little entrepreneurial sites such as MRNews.com and FashionForRealWomen.com have proven it's very possible to sell subscriptions to news, video and databased content online. Anne Holland has been watching this space closely for many years and will offer a 2 hour "How-To" Mastersieries Workshop on Friday, Nov. 9. Her presenation of 20 minutes within the conference will take place on Thursday afternoon, Nov. 8

10. Jul 2001
Content Summit site - fresh from the beauty parlour
A new start! Based on our ever niftier CMS system developed by Urs van Binsbergen and Dominic Meyer, we have reshuffled the site, added new section (such as the news) and are building an extensive insider part to further facilitate matchmaking among our attendees. Stephen England, who is also responsible for the site design of the Neue Zuercher Zeitung (NZZ) has wielded his magic. Bettina Tamo has been the tamer of animals/project manager and Maria Finders and Norbert Specker provided editorial input. We do very much need your feedback and opinion to provide also online what we do in the real world: an excellent networking and learning experience. So please don't spare us. Thank you!

16. Apr 2001
Finalizing the packages
Planning for 2001 (Nov. 7-9.) under way
The success of the 2000 Content Summit put a big smile on the faces of the the cooperation partners Interactive Publishing, Messe Basel, First Tuesday, IP TOP and TV meets the Web.
"We did have more leads and general business than at the Frankfurt Book Fair" said Grant Slinger, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development ScreamingMedia, an exhibitor at the Content Show. The show is expected to host 70 companies in the year 2001.
The conference attendees - almost exclusively from the executive ranks - came from 30+ countries. To repeat the networking quality as well as the quality of the content will give creative director Norbert Specker of Interactive Publishing and his advisory board some work to do...
The planning for the 2001 edition is under way and the date has been set:

Content Summit 2001, November 7 - 9., Zurich/Switzerland ---- Mark the date in your agenda!

Get on the info list and hence make sure to be notified about the definite programme, pricing and possibilities.

16. Nov 2000
Write-up ready
The Report on the conference
Monna Nordhagen champions community, the FT the "one newsroom" concept. Werner Lauff of Bertelsmann brings Broadband into focus and mobile content makes money.

Read more in our report of Interactive Publishing
(You can also download the presentations - as far as they already arrived).
... and have look at the pictures too!

20. Nov 2000
IP Top Awards 2000
Guardian Unlimited big winner
Top European content executives were gathered at the Hochspannungslabor in Zurich for the announcement of the IP Top Awards winners. Winners include:
Guardian Unlimited (UK), DM Online (GER), Manchester Airport (UK), Sport1
(GER), de Digitale Basisschool (NL) and p45 (IE).

13. Nov 2000
The standard that is
At Comdex Bill Gates urged the industry to give XML center space. He did not advocate Open Source however. Not like Michael Wechner, CEO of wyona who developed the content management system for NZZ. Much of this development is fed back into the open source community. Find out more on Wednesday afternoon.

12. Nov 2000
Conference is Filling Up
Hectic days at the secretariat
As people and companies shorten their planning horizon at the 7th Interactive Publishing we feel another strong swell of registrations in the last days. After the sold out exhibition also the conference room will be full and lively. And what an interesting crowd it is. Take a look!

6. Nov 2000
White Paper on Content Pricing
In the works by Interactive Publishing and Steve Outing
How much do online content providers charge for their content? What are the criteria? How many people are busy packaging and selling content for syndication? Those and other questions will be answered by the White Paper produced by online publishing guru and winner of the EPpy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement (2000) Steve Outing in cooperation with Interactive Publishing. Take the survey and be eligible for a 50% rebate on the sales price.
If you want to be informed when the white paper is ready, get on the infolist. Summit attendees ( register here) will get a preview on the results during Interactive Publishing.
Steve is also giving a workshop on pricing on Wednesday Nov.15 and Friday Nov. 17.

30. Oct 2000
Just Added: Voice Portals
The Talking Internet: Will voice portals get the audiences the web missed?
We invite you to discuss with us the latest hype: Voice Portals. As a content provider do you have to get into this "voice browsing"? What is there to lose? What to win? An interview with TalkingWeb CEO Alexander Griesmeier which will take place on Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 15.

1. Nov 2000
List of Exhibitors at Content Show.00
Online description of the market
The descriptive list of exhibitors gives you a fairly good idea about the content market as it now develops. From old timers like Reuters to the new and strong kids on the block like iSyndicate, content producers, content syndicators and content brokers find their first European platform in Zurich. Cool list.

1. Nov 2000
IP TOP Finalists Nominated
58 European Content Sites made the first round
The 30 jury members have rated all the entries to come to the list of nominees for the nine categories that will receive an IP Top Award 2000.
Check out the complete list here

31. Oct 2000
FREE Executive Summary 2000
Pre-order the summary
Check out the executive summary of the 6th Interactive Publishing last year (very interesting, with cool quotes regarding the stock market development of this year by Esther Dyson) here and pre-order the new version via the Get Info Form. That is: if you really can not make it even in view of this participant list...

24. Oct 2000
Just added...
Michel Colonna D'Istria
The new media director of french LIBERATION will present a cross-media strategy for his brand.How do you grow your brand across multiple devices and networks? This session will take place on Wednesday, November 15, in the morning.


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