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"We need to stop assuming that we were put on earth to set the agenda and start using the Web to discover the community's agenda. That's the real value, so often unharvested on newspaper websites. Reporters and editors should engage in participative listening. The community conversation can help you make your reporting better, more interesting, more grounded in reality."
Steve Yelvington
November 2006

"Newspapers already have wonderful "social networks," whether in the feedback that has long been a part of the relationship between reader and paper or the fact that great reporting sets the news agenda... The task now is to leverage and extend those existing networks across contemporary platforms."
Robert Thomson, FT
July 2006

"As the world becomes more complex, your time will increasingly be spent deciding what not to show people. To give people a simple world, your world as a manager will become increasingly complex. Don't ask about what people need. Find out what they don't need."
Gerry McGovern,
November 2004

"We're running on treadmills. Getting a lot of exercise but not necessarily going places. I don't think we're done inventing this medium. Most of what we've all done so far needs to be reinvented."
Steve Yelvington,
VP Development, Morris Digital, February 2002

"We all know what happens when the technologists think they
understand content; it's called WAP".
Gerry McGovern,
Ireland, 2001

"I've come to the conclusion that revolutions aren't profitable."
Kevin Kelly
on the demise of Suck.com, a hotwired off-spring, 2001

"Content? What content? What does that mean, for Christ's sake? I don't like that word. Content is not what we do, it's called journalism and that's all it is, journalism!"
Knud Ivar Skeid,
Co-Founder Nettavisen in OJR, May 2001

"There's nothing about the digital revolution that demands that uncensored, frank, intelligent opinions and writing are going to go rewarded. There's nothing easier about being online than offline -- it's hard for everybody."
Joey Anuff,
Co-Founder suck.com, 2001

"Putting up a news Web site is like rolling the presses in the middle of the night and leaving articles on the dock for readers to pick up one at a time."
Jay Small
Belo Interactive. 2001

"Local advertising markets are full of undeveloped potential."
Steve Yelvington,
VP Content, Morris Communications, August 2001

"For 150 years, newspaper print ads were based on what advertisers wanted to sell. Now we can sell ads on what people want to buy."
Bob Cauthorn,
SFGate.com, September 2001

"It's eBay for people."
Rufus Griscom,
co-founder of erotic site Nerve.com, on adding personal ads to its site (July 01)

"I think there's value, there just has to be a more valuable model." (Refering to Community Publishing, but really, this quote applies to the content industry in general)
Digby Solomon,
Chicagotrib.com, 2001

"The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life."
Andrew Brown

"..we just need to realize the Internet is like cable TV.
People pay for access and will only fork over extra for
boxing and porn :)"
Monty Hobbs,
Online Community Coordinator, newsobserver.com, (on online-news list), 2001

"The company with the smartest customers wins."
Kevin Kelly,
Editor-at-large, WIRED (at dinner in Amsterdam, spring 1999)

"If we know what the future is, we arenít looking far enough ahead."
Tim Berner-Lee,
Inventor of the World Wide Web, July 1997

"It's about enabling a user to own information in some way. Personalization is anything that you do that makes information more relevant and more important to a user, whether that's providing someone's bank balance or filtering the millions of factoids that are available every day so they get only what they're interested in. Personalization is giving you either pinpoint information about you or pinpoint information about the world."
Troy Tyler
of LifeMinders, December 2000


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